Jan 13

Featured Star: Versatile Latin stud Dante Martin

dante martin, latin, porn, versatile, big dick, next door, nextdoorWhether he’s slamming his 8.5-inch cock into a raw hole or taking a bareback pounding in his tight, nicely rounded butt, sexy Latin stud Dante Martin (aka Carson) is always going to give the scene everything he has. His compact body stands 5’5″ inches, weighing about 155 pounds of muscle that is well sculpted thanks to his career as a personal trainer. Dante’s muscular chest and bubble butt are real eye candy, and his intense sexual style makes him impossible to ignore.

Dante was born in 1987 and won the title of prom king when he was in high school. He began his porn career in 2011, performing under the name of Carson. Within about a year he changed his name to Dante Martin and started performing in Next Door Studios videos. Dante has been thrilling us with his versatile scenes ever since.

In his most popular video, Straight Dudes’ 1st Bareback Breeding, watch Dante and Max Penn explore all the erotic possibilities of a man-on-man massage. Even a straight guy can’t resist when both of the men are this hot.

Down South Country Beefcakes is a torrid collection of scenes featuring Next Door studs fucking like naughty farm boys caught in the act. All those days of working the farm have made them lean and muscular, and there’s no better way to relax than a roll in the hay with another hot country boy.

In Dare to Go Bare, Dante and Johnny Torque wrestle on Dante’s bed. When Johnny tries to pin Dante down, his hand gets hold of Dante’s erect fuck hammer and their horseplay takes an erotic turn.

RAW Just Feels Right is Dante’s latest movie, and he co-stars in a scene with Jason Styles as his brand new roommate. When Jason sees Dante unpacking a dildo, nature takes its course.

We think you’re going to lust for Dante Martin just as much as we do!

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Jan 12

Series Review: Mormon Boyz’ “Elder Sorensen”

elder sorensen, chapter one, personal study, gay, porn, twink, mormon boyzThe potent combination of sex and strict religion has rarely been as erotically portrayed as it is in the Elder Sorensen series from Mormon Boyz. Fulfill your wettest dreams of the sacred and profane with these eleven scenes that follow the tale of a sinfully cute Mormon boy named Elder Sorensen as he moves up through the ranks of the church.

Chapter One: Personal Study shows us the boy’s furtive self-pleasuring that goes against the rules of his religious teachings. He’s so horny that he can’t resist, and it’s only his first day. This is going to be a rough life for him if he can’t keep his big, hard dick out of his hands… unless…

Elder Sorensen learns that the Order has special plans for him in Chapter Two: Comp Study. He’s not going to be living a life of chastity, as he discovers when his roommate, Elder Stewart, comes home to play with him!

Now that he knows the way things are going to go down in his life as a missionary, Elder Sorensen is given the task of seducing Elder Miller, a muscular jock with more seniority in the Order. Chapter Three: Invitation shows that our favorite newbie missionary is capable of topping even though he’s a mere slip of a boy.

In chapters Chapter Four: Inspection, Elder Sorensen has caught the attention of Bishop Angus, who gives the twink a rare chance to fuck him—the bishop won’t let just any ordinary boy top him. Bishop Angus is so impressed that in Chapter Five: Priesthood Prep he brings Elder Sorensen to the temple and lets other men watch as he inspects the boy’s virgin asshole, stretches it with toys, and anoints his rosebud with his own jizz.

Things take a turn for the kinky after Elder Sorensen lets his newfound sexual prowess go to his little head. He’s been fucking too many other twinks and now he’ll be punished in Chapter Six: Disciplinary Action. Patriarch Smith subjects him to spanking and a shiny black butt-stretching dildo.

elder sorensen, mormon boyz, chapter three, invitation, gay, porn, twinkNow Elder Sorensen is finally ready to get fucked on the altar. In Chapter Seven: Initiation, Bishop Angus makes some ceremonial preparations with the young missionary before the very hot President Oaks comes in and breeds his unfucked hole in—what else—missionary position.

Elder Sorensen’s membership in the Order cannot be complete until he pays for his sins. In Chapter Eight: Second Anointing, his hole gets some more punishment from fingers and anal beads before he is fucked again and filled with jizz.

President Nelson, whose torso is ripped and tapers to a perfect V, gets his crack at Elder Sorensen’s crack before the boy can advance. Chapter Nine: The Calling is unquestionably the young missionary’s greatest and most enjoyable challenge to date.

After a day of community service, Elder Sorensen wants to find out if Elder Ricci is as hugely hung as the rumors say. When they’re alone in the van, Sorensen makes his desires clear and Ricci has his own curiosity to satisfy. Two of the hottest Mormon boys you’ve ever seen give us an unforgettable display in Chapter Ten: Office Elders.

Elder Sorensen has finally proven himself to the Order and they’re ready to welcome him into their ranks. Chapter Eleven: The Covenant is finally Sorensen’s moment to join with the Order. President Oaks welcomes him with one more scorching hot fuck in an all-white ordinance room.

If you’re as pervy as we are, then the thought of a tasty Mormon boy fucking his way up the ranks of a secret order in the church should already have you stiff!

The saga of Elder Sorensen is streaming exclusively at AEBN.

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Jan 06

Featured Star: Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Leo Alexander

leo alexander, big dick, gay, porn, lucas entertainment, exclusiveLeo Alexander admirers everywhere will tell you that the first thing they noticed about their crush object was his enormous fuck meat. Said to be a full twelve inches long, it’s one of the most impressive cocks in the gay porn industry. Can you imagine what it would be like to wrap your hands around that long shaft and slide it into your mouth? What would it feel like to ease your ass down onto it? Only the most adventurous and experienced bottoms could take on that much dick too deep or fast. But the only thing that Leo likes as much as fucking a hot man’s ass is getting his own hole pounded!

As a Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Model, Leo has given us incredible performances in some top-shelf pornos. His debut film as an exclusive was Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction in May 2015, a great debut that co-starred Swedish hunk Tomas Brand.

When Lucas paired Leo up with Max Cameron in Hung as Fuck, the result was as beautiful as it was orgasmic. They’re two of the most gorgeous men to have appeared in Lucas pictures, so it was only a matter of time before they were put together for a scene. They take turns fucking each other, but the best part is when Max climbs on Leo’s huge dick, which is where he really wants to be. It’s one of the biggest cocks that Max has ever taken in his asshole and watching them in action is going to give you plenty of spank bank material.

With just eight movies in our theater as of this post, Leo has given us quality over quantity. That doesn’t mean you won’t have plenty to keep yourself busy! With Rocco Steele’s Breeding Party and Plowing and Seeding, Leo was a standout performer in two of the best bareback titles from Lucas in recent memory.

Leo’s awe-inspiring performances for other studios include military-themed Cock Of Duty from FratMale and Restrained and Drained 3 from Factory Video Productions/Pumphouse Media.

When he’s not filming, Leo keeps active with tennis and kayaking. Then he shows off his impressive physique while hanging out on the beach.

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Jan 04

Movie Review: “Bareback Boyfriend Swap,” Lucas Entertainment

bareback boyfriend swap, lucas entertainment, gay, porn, boyfriends, bareback, jake andrews, rafael lords, evan lance, spencer whitman, ashton summersLucas Entertainment men don’t let their long-term relationships run the risk of boredom. In Bareback Boyfriend Swap, we see just how they like to keep their sex lives fresh and exciting.

Boyfriends Jake Andrews and Rafael Lords, both of whom are Lucas exclusives, are having a little fun in their bedroom when their hot housemate “accidentally” walks in on them. Jake is in the middle of going down on Rafael and decides it’s time to teach everyone about sharing. The boyfriends invite Ashton to join them, leading to a particularly fiery moment when Rafael takes a deep thrusting from Jake while deep-throating Ashton.

Now that he knows his boyfriend is open to fucking other men, Rafael goes in pursuit of even more fresh meat—but this time without Jake. He hooks up one-on-one with sexy Spencer Whitman and breeds his hot ass!

Spencer has just come home from fucking Rafael behind his boyfriend Evan Lance’s back. Evan is taking a nap, but guilty Spencer decides that he can’t let another moment go by without making it up to his boyfriend. The furry otters, both of whom are new to Lucas, are a delicious sight to behold as they take turns fucking each other’s holes raw.

Unbeknownst to their cheating men, Jake and Evan both know what’s been going on and they decide that it’s only fair that they get to screw around, too. Why not keep it all in the same social circle? Getting even is so much more fun than breaking up, too. Evan’s submissive side is in full effect as he worships Jake’s feet and then sucks his beautiful cock. Jake is truly a power top and, as he has discovered, it’s not fair to all the bottoms out there if he saves it all for Rafael. Evan is one lucky bottom.

Jake might have created a monster by encouraging Rafael to have a threeway. It’s an old story, but it’s always fun to watch it play out when there are such hot men involved!

Bareback Boyfriend Swap is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Jake Andrews   Rafael Lords   Evan Lance   Spencer Whitman    Ashton Summers
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment 

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Dec 30

Featured star: Smooth, versatile JJ Knight

jj knight, porn, gay, nude, big dick, falconTall, handsome JJ Knight has the lean, toned body of a swimmer and the 9.5″ dick of your dreams. He’s versatile, but as you’ll see in his movies, he truly makes an excellent top. Who wouldn’t want to take a ride on that long, thick fuck pole?

As a newcomer to the industry last year, JJ made an impression quickly. Bareback Cheaters from Next Door Studios gave us our first look at what JJ can do. The movie closes on an explosive high when JJ, Mark Long, and Johnny Riley have a threeway.

See Heated from Falcon Studios, one of his first appearances, and you’ll understand. Hairy, handsome Jacob Peterson likes that he sees while JJ is in the pool. JJ sees Jacob jacking off and decides to give him something much more interactive than a show.

After his impressive first few scenes, JJ was ready to take the porn world by storm. Major studios couldn’t get enough of him. As a Falcon Studios exclusive model, he’s going to be on your screen in some of the most gorgeously filmed movies with other men who are just as gorgeous.

NakedSword exclusive Bray Love, a social media star with a huge following, has a seedy encounter with JJ in NakedSword Originals’ Fuck Me, I’m Famous. First Bray drops to his knees to get a good taste of JJ’s throbbing rod, then JJ returns the favor. JJ tickles Bray’s pucker with his tongue before sticking it to the online superstar.

In Falcon Studios’ Sexflix And Chill, JJ is on the webcam when Brenner Bolton interrupts him for some real-life fucking. Brenner can’t wait to feel JJ’s dick stretching his greedy hole!

For those who want to see JJ take a dick as well as he can deliver it, don’t miss his scene with Zak Bishop in Hung Flip Fuckers from Cockyboys.

JJ has already filmed more than a dozen scenes that are currently available from gay porn’s top studios, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next. Here are a few JJ Knight flicks that are sure to make you lose your load.

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