Nov 20

Versatile bottom Trent Ferris

trent ferris, gayWe love a good versatile bottom, and that’s why we’re excited to feature sexy, smooth young Trent Ferris this week. Trent is a frat “bad boy” type who has no problem being treated like a cum dumpster, and he equally enjoys being the aggressor and fucking another twink into the mattress.

Once we learned that Trent is a romantic Cancer babe, it came as no surprise that he loves to work with his real-life boyfriend, Sam Truitt. Sam and Trent have fucked on screen many times. In fact, you’ll see Trent with Sam more often than not.

The sweet, tender Teenage Wet Dream from Next Door Twink is one of Trent and Sam’s most sensual, loving onscreen fucks ever. It’s boiling over with the kind of chemistry that can never be manufactured, and it’s the closest we’ll ever get to spying on a romantic night with these two hotties.

In Next Door Twink’s Raw Awakening the pair start their day off right with some condomless morning sex. For their sizzling coupling in Iconmale’s Real Couples Bareback, they pretend that they’re friends who are hooking up for the first time.

The boyfriends introduce a third partner into their scenes from time to time. They have a volcanic threeway with Drake Reed in Next Door Studios’ Dicks on Detention and they’ve also teamed up with Brendan Patrick (playing a sexy priest tormented by forbidden lust) in Iconmale’s Forgive Me Father 2.

If you believe that more is merrier, then it doesn’t get better than the classroom orgy that Trent and Sam partake in during Daddy Chasers from Channel 1 Releasing, directed by the famous Chi Chi Larue. Sexy teachers and their tempting students erase the lines they aren’t supposed to cross, resulting in one of the hottest and most memorable group fucks you’re ever gonna see.

When he’s not filming porn scenes with his sweetie, Trent loves going to the beach and socializing. He’s all about getting into his work and saving money for his future, and says that the best way to make him happy is with money. Trent is definitely not one of those who believe it can’t buy happiness.

What makes us happy is watching smoking hot porn, and you can bet that Trent gives us plenty of that.

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Nov 19

Movie Review: Ringside Humping

ringside humping, holiday hump'n, philly, young buck, bam bam, jocks, safe sex, yusaf mack, boxer gay pornDawgpound USA’s Ringside Humping has generated a huge amount of buzz because one of its stars, Philly, is actually a boxer named Yusaf Mack. If you haven’t heard the story by now, the condensed version is that Yusaf, a well-known boxer from Philadelphia, took the money to do a gay porn scene when he was down on his luck. The scene was released almost a year ago, but it took more than ten months for somebody to notice who he was and spread the word on Twitter. At first, Philly claimed that he was drugged and didn’t remember doing the scene. He came out as bisexual at first, and then finally came out as gay earlier this month.

Now that you know the back story, how’s the video? You’ll be happy to know it’s hot as hell and will melt snow! Originally released as Holiday Hump’n around Christmas 2014, it’s all about sucking on huge candy canes and stuffing other men’s stockings.

Bam Bam (in the middle of the box cover) watches Philly (on the right of the box cover) doing some pull-ups. Understandably, the sight of flexing muscles in motions gets Bam Bam’s masculine urges all fired up, and he starts fondling Philly, who appreciates the attention. Young Buck (at left on the box cover) shows up, fresh from a long shower, and kisses Bam Bam. Philly rejoins them from somewhere off screen as they’re making out, and the three men gradually get naked in the midst of kissing and fondling each other. On his knees between Bam Bam and Young Buck, Philly sucks both of their dicks hungrily. The camera zooms in tight as he takes both cockheads in his mouth at the same time.

Amid the tongue lapping, ball sucking, and cock gulping, there’s a hot moment when the guys form a triangle: two kissing, one rimming. After that, the fucking begins. Bam Bam thrusts into Young Buck from behind. He lasts a long time and works up a sweat that makes his mocha skin and toned muscles glow.

When it’s Philly’s turn, he lies on his front and gets his bubble butt pounded into the mattress. There are some great close-ups of Bam Bam’s dick drilling Philly’s furry hole. Philly has flipped over onto his back and you can see that his hole is tight, but he takes Bam Bam’s dick like a champ. It makes sense, though—boxers really do take a pounding, and Philly knows that better than anyone.

Later, Philly is the one dishing out the dick to Young Buck while tickling Bam Bam’s balls. Bam Bam nuts on Young Buck’s back. Soon Philly is adding his load to the mix. Young Buck is the last to cum, and he does it all over Philly’s six pack.

We know people hate celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, but we think you’ll want to let the holidays come early this year and watch this scene, streaming exclusively on AEBN!

Stars:   Young Buck   Bam Bam   Philly

Studio Name:   Dawgpound USA


Nov 16

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Nov 13

Versatile power bottom Draven Torres, our punk rock crush

draven torres, latino, power bottom, versatile, barebackBuff, sexy, well-hung Draven Torres is one delicious Latino stud you won’t want to miss. He’s been performing since 2009 and has earned a reputation as one of the hottest versatile power bottoms.

Draven made a stunning first impression as he took a hard pounding from muscular top Roman Wright in Mustang’s hugely popular, critically acclaimed Darkroom. In an abandoned building, Roman pounds Draven’s delicious ass into the bare mattress on the floor. It’s such a visually striking scene and so full of beautifully erotic masculine energy that you’ll want to watch it repeatedly.

In a scene from Pony Up (Raging Stallion Studios) with punk rock energy and a fetish theme, bald-headed top Doc Benway gives Draven a hot, hammering hookup. They suck and rim each other before they flip fuck. There’s some sloppy golden shower action in this awesome movie that will have you dripping, and Draven is just about the hottest he’s ever been.

Lucas Entertainment brought together a crew of the horniest and sexiest raw fuckers for Bareback Sex Fest. Bundled away in a mountain cabin, these gorgeous men have all the time in the world to suck and fuck each other’s brains out in a relentless, condomless orgy you’ll want to watch again and again.

It’s a meeting of two superstars in Bareback Needs from Raw Strokes, as Antonio Biaggi pounds the daylights out of a deeply enthralled Draven. Their combined energy could power a city. There’s no wonder it’s one of Draven’s most popular scenes.

You can also spill copious cum loads to Draven in volumes two and three of the Ride Me Raw series from Dirty Dawg Productions. But the one that really pushes Draven to his limits might just be Fill My Hole, also from Dirty Dawg. In this one, porn power couple Adam Russo and Cutler X turn Draven into their fuck doll for an unforgettable interracial threeway. Let’s face it, this little Latin lover just can’t get enough bare dick.

When he’s not performing, Draven also works as a personal trainer. Wouldn’t you just love a private session with him? In his spare time he’s into comic books, cartoons, and caring for animals. When it comes to his sexual attraction, if you’re a silver daddy you just might get lucky!

We love these Draven Torres movies and we think you will, too.

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Nov 11

Exclusive Movie Review: Double Dick 3

double dick 3, staxus, dp, double penetration, double anal, gay, twink, interracial, threeway, threesomeOne helping of sausage isn’t enough for the European twinks of Double Dick 3, a new release from Staxus that’s full of beautiful guys in gorgeously-filmed scenes of debauchery.

Benjamin Dunn and petite blond Chase Anderson are about to get it on in an apparently unoccupied house when they find Sig Sinclair crashed out on the floor. Benjamin and Chase share their beer and their dicks with Sig and turn their twosome into a threesome. Little does Sig know that they’re interested in more than just taking turns in his mouth and ass. It’s a hell of a way to lose your virginity, and bravo to Sig for being able to handle the double stuffing that leaves him a sweaty, cummy mess.

Carlos Santiago and Felipe Esquivel are a couple of gorgeous, slim Dominican studs who show Caribbean hospitality to European model Johny Cruz in a sultry interracial scene. They play in the pool under the warm sun, and Johny films himself giving a blowjob underwater with a waterproof camera. Inside the villa, Johny abandons the camera and concentrates on slurping those Caribbean cocks. First taking turns and then double penetrating him, Carlos and Felipe test the limits of Johny’s anal capacity.

In a beautiful Prague graveyard, Johny Cruz is paying his respects at a gravesite when Benjamin Dunn grabs him. Benjamin takes Johny to a nearby abandoned building where Sam Williams is waiting. It’s one of the most disturbingly erotic ways of picking up a fuck buddy we’ve seen, but Johny is excited in spite of himself, as his raging erection shows. Benjamin and Sam rip Johny’s clothes off and make him blow them. Sam pounds Johny’s ass, later joined by Benjamin. Johny ends up covered in their jizz and piss, and finally his own seed.

Beautiful Yuri Adamov submits to the animalistic urges of Harry Vakker and Sam Williams on a pool table. They strip him naked and violate his slim body, which gets him ever more excited. But first there’s plenty of taste-testing. Harry warms up Yuri’s hole with his finger while Sam and Yuri 69 each other. Sam and Harry double penetrate Yuri’s ass on the table and later on the floor. After his two friends have painted him with their cream, Yuri gushes so hard he accidentally gives Harry a facial.

Fair-haired British lad Leo Ocean gets a warm welcome from Jace Reed and Roman Smid, and things quickly progress from kissing to getting buck naked. Leo is soon getting a mouthful of Jace’s and Roman’s throbbing knobs. They show Leo some hospitality with blowjobs and rimjobs before they take turns pounding his little hole. But that’s not all, because soon they’re stretching out Leo’s asshole with both their dicks simultaneously!

Horny priests? Yes please! Jace Reed confesses to Johny Cruz that he wants to fuck him. The two young clergymen strip off much more than their dog collars and beautiful Yuri Adamov joins them for a threesome. Jace’s huge rod gets plenty of oral attention, and there’s an unforgettable moment when Jace face fucks Johny, who’s getting head from Yuri. This lushly erotic scene also features a great deal of cock worship and rimming before the anal sex begins. Johny’s hole takes a deep pounding as both his fellow men of the cloth drill him. The cum explosion at the end is sinfully delicious.

Double Dick 3 is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD theaters.

Stars:   Chase Anderson   Jace Reed   Yuri Adamov   Felipe Esquivel   Sam Williams   Carlos Santiago   Roman Smid   Leo Ocean

Studio Name:   Staxus

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