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Movie Review: Raunchy Bastards’ “Just Like Prom Night: Tight Boy Cunts”

just like prom night, tight boy cunts, raunchy bastards, amateur, gay, porn, twink, bareback, str8Straight twinks get turned out in Just Like Prom Night: Tight Boy Cunts from Raunchy Bastards. The accurately named studio has found the cutest young talent of ages eighteen and nineteen, given them some cash for their time, and turned the camera on them as they show themselves to the world.

Right from the beginning of the dimly lit fumblings of scene one, the movie shows us that realism can be sexy. These first-timers are full of nerves but excited. Our first performer has a huge dick that he could beat off with both hands, but instead he uses one and plenty of lube. The cameraman and a daddy bear are there to film his induction into the pantheon of porn performers. The boy grunts and groans as the daddy pushes his dick into that snug asshole, but as the cameraman makes sure to show us, he’s got a hard-on too! He valiantly tries to push out the cream pie, but the awkward cutie will need more practice.

A couple of hot emo/skater bois on a bed talk with the cameraman about how Leif, the one without the hat or tattoos, is a virgin when it comes to gay sex but has jerked off to gay and transgender porn. He’s obviously got an open mind, so it’s easy to get him naked. Leif is scrawny with a tight hole that his scene partner is eager to lick, which gets his dick hard. They decide to measure it before taking some photos. The dildo that they start with is way too big and hurts Leif’s tight hole, so they take a break to massage him with a finger and suck his dick. After a long prep period of Leif sucking dick and getting his hole massaged, he finally gets his ass cherry popped—and likes it! Eventually his hot, tattooed fuck partner is thrusting into Leif’s ass while Leif sucks the director’s dick. The scene spends a long time letting Leif get comfortable, exploring his hole in extreme closeup. Leif is going to take a lot more practice to become a true dick pig, but he’s good at sucking dick and definitely cute.

In the third and final scene, two straight guys who looked like they walked right out of a freshman seminar are on the bed getting ready for the camera. These two are repeat performers for Raunchy Bastards, and they have fan requests: they’re going to oil each other up and fuck. First they slowly strip and talk about how the third guy who was supposed to be in the scene didn’t show up. The relaxed energy of this scene couldn’t be more different from the other two, but what makes this scene part of that “prom night” theme is that it feels so natural and unscripted. Watching these hot young guys rub oil into each other’s lean bodies, play with a dildo, and suck dick is a slow, steady build-up to the authentic sex. There’s nothing choreographed here. If you get off on fun-loving guys who could easily be your neighbor or riding the train next to you, this will likely be your favorite scene of the lot.

Nervous straight guys, fumbling bi-curious cuties, and more experienced young guys who like it natural and real: these are all the things we love about Just Like Prom Night: Tight Boy Cunts.

Stars: Gideon Graham Kadus King Leif Clay Andrew Collins Anthony Hunt Toby Springs
Studio Name: Raunchy Bastards

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Ryan Cummings, the most infamous cum whore in North America

ryan cummings, gay, porn, pig, bottom, cum whore, multi-orgasmicInsatiable pig bottoms like Ryan Cummings are truly inspiring to behold. Sometimes you just can’t believe how they could take in so much cock and so much cum and still be able to function in this world. It’s all part of a day’s “work,” although not all of us are so fortunate as to have a job we love as much as this cum slut does!

Ryan is also able to experience multiple anal orgasms, as his intense, aggressive scene with Jessy Karson in Raw and Ready (Dirty Dawg Productions) proves. Jessy and his fat, uncut cock turn Ryan into a human cum dump, but Ryan is no passive passenger on this ride. After Jessy lubes up with his own spit and starts to pound, Ryan knows just how to massage that dick with his internal muscles. By the end of this amazing scene, Ryan’s twitching, pulsing, greedy hole milks two big loads out of Jessy’s low-hanging, heavy balls!

Treasure Island Media was among the first to recognize Ryan’s potential. In Fuck Holes 3, streaming exclusively on AEBN, Ryan takes on a whole room full of tops who can’t wait to drill him. He’s even brought a bottle of loads to fill himself with before and after! This movie is also a must-see for its groundbreaking premise: it’s the first inter-gender porn flick… a pansexual fuckfest of epic proportions. You’ll see gay man on gay man, cis boy on t-girl, an all-gay male gangbang, and TIM’s first straight-for-gay creampie scene (which is also a gangbang, so there are even more men to ogle)!

By spring of this year Bareback RT was already declaring Ryan “the most infamous Cum Whore in North America,” touting his rare ability to cum up to a dozen times in mere minutes. See it for yourself in Filling Ryan Cummings, truly a star-making movie if we ever saw one. These four scenes include Mick Raw, Chris Top, Matt Woods, and other studs who would line up for the chance to fuck this gifted pig bottom.

It does take a lot out of a guy to be stuffed with so much cock, but he’s managed to do more than half a dozen movies in a year’s time. We look forward to even more masturbatory material to come from this awe-inspiring manslut. Here are some of the best Ryan Cummings movies—we think you’ll be just as enamored of him as we are!

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Movie Review: CockyBoys’ “Let Them Eat Cake”

let them eat cake, cockyboys, gay, porn, carter dane, colby keller, gabriel lenfant, gabriel clark, jj knight, zak bishop, wesley woods, dustin holloway, bubble butt, safe sex, musclesNew CockyBoys exclusive model Carter Dane has a fabulous ass that inspires a man to grab a cheek with each hand and dive in, whether with one’s tongue or one’s cock. Not only that, but he’s also got the muscular body of a Greek god and expressive eyes you can get lost in all day. It’s only right, therefore, that the studio, star, and director Jake Jaxson have brought us a film that’s devoted to those perfectly formed globes. Let Them Eat Cake is a more than impressive introduction to this 23-year-old future superstar, who’s making his debut for the studio.

The movie begins with Carter telling us about himself while we watch sexy tease footage of him stroking his own body and posing in front of huge hotel room windows.

Carter’s first scene is with the incredible Colby Keller, the porn superstar that he’s most wanted to fuck since before he got into the business. We watch Carter jerk off to his favorite porno, one of Colby’s scenes, and he explains in voiceover what he likes so much about it. Once Carter gets into the room with Colby, watch the sparks fly! They lock eyes and then lips. Colby takes charge almost immediately, with stunning results. Their chemistry is explosive as they slowly strip and Colby gets a good look at Carter’s bubble butt. Colby can’t keep his hands and mouth off it, at least not until Carter tells him he’s ready to get fucked. Carter mounts Colby’s big dick like it’s what he was made to do. He slides himself up and down the shaft, burying it in his asshole balls deep. Later he gets on all fours and bites down on Colby’s arm as Colby pounds his ass. When Colby sees Carter shoot out a big, hot load, it makes him cum as hard and voluminously as he ever has before!

Just think: out there somewhere is a hopeful young porn star in the making who is going to jerk off to that scene as often as Carter spanked it to his favorite Colby scene.

We take a break from Carter to join a couple of other CockyBoys newbies. Wesley Woods and Dustin Holloway are both hot, handsome young guys who meet for the first time in Montreal. Both of them are so hot they could melt the snow, and that steam in their shower scene could just as easily come from the heat they generate. They tease each other by pressing their cocks against the glass. Hot kisses, blowjobs, and rimjobs lead to an even more intense flip-fuck, with Wesley taking a slightly more aggressive role.

Carter gets lucky once again with an excellent fuck partner, this time gorgeous Gabriel Lenfant. They have a relaxed chat about each other’s sexual likes and dislikes. Carter says he gets off on watching himself in the mirror when he’s getting fucked, which is something Gabriel is definitely going to make happen for him just as soon as he’s enjoyed fondling, kissing, and sucking his flawless body. The average man could orgasm from the intense oral worship that Gabriel bestows upon Carter, but they have a lot more fucking to do before that happens. In front of the mirror they indulge in plenty of oral cock and ass worship, including 69. Gabriel especially enjoys diving in between Carter’s perfect ass cheeks. Now that they’re both teetering on the brink of sexual madness, Gabriel pushes his throbbing cock into Carter’s ass and pounds him. They move between the bed and the mirror, slow and fast, both of which are achingly hot. Watching Carter spray his own chest with his huge load drives Gabriel to do the same, adding his jizz to Carter’s. These two are definitely aroused by each other, driving each other to the kind of passion that goes beyond porn performance.

JJ Knight is also being inducted into the ranks of CockyBoys with the help of Zak Bishop. These two young studs are a perfect match: both sexy as hell (like any CockyBoy, of course), both versatile. Zak prefers to bottom and JJ likes to top, and JJ’s thick, 9.5″ dick helps to ensure that his debut is unforgettable. Not just any bottom could take that kind of ramming from such a huge cock, but Zak is up for it. JJ fucks Zak into delirium, whether they’re pressed against the huge window or on the bed. The two of them are both vocal during this scene and they’re obviously enjoying each other.

Though advertised as a vehicle for debut CockyBoys exclusive Carter Dane, Let Them Eat Cake is packed from start to finish with new and veteran performers giving us volcanic scenes. You can see the whole thing exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Carter Dane   Colby Keller   Gabriel Lenfant   JJ Knight
Studio Name:   Cockyboys 

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