Apr 29

Texan muscle stud Sean Zevran

sean zevran, gay, porn, muscles, bear, jock, big dick, falcon edgeFalcon Edge Exclusive Sean Zevran is a stunning gay porn star who was born on August 02, 1988 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Mmm, a sexy Southern boy! Sean spent a lot of time in his formative years helping raise dozens of horses on his parents’ farm in the Piney Woods region of East Texas. Aside from the physical activity of tending to the horses and baling hay, he ran cross-country and track. Sean served in the Marine Corps reserve while going to college. After he graduated with a degree in philosophy, Sean decided not to join the Marines full time or get some boring office job. As luck would have it, one of Sean’s friends sent some of his photos to Randy Blue and he was quickly cast in his first porn video.

Sean became a fan favorite at Randy Blue and stayed with them for a couple of years. One of his earliest movies, Sexual Attention with Nick Sterling, remains a favorite even now, but you especially don’t want to miss the mega-popular Welcome to L.A. His threesome on a pool table with Austin Wolf and Romeo Alfonso is still one of his best scenes.

In 2014, Sean signed up to be the first exclusive model ever signed to Falcon Studio Group’s exciting Falcon Edge label. His first movie for the studio, Stunners was on a whole new level for the legendary Falcon, as it delivered a somewhat darker aesthetic with the same high quality of men, production values, and fucking. Sean and Adam Ramzi start the show with a jaw-dropping flip-fuck. Sean’s other movies for Falcon Edge include Crave (topping Shawn Wolfe and Paul Wagner in two scenes) and Krossfire (bottoming for Sebastian Kross).

sean zevran, piledriver, anal, gay, porn, falcon edgeAll you have to do is look at Sean to see why he’s had such success. His caramel skin is smooth and his muscles are sculpted just right, but you might find yourself most drawn to the muscle between his legs. His dick is way more than a mouthful and he knows exactly how to use it! Falcon Studios gave Sean his own showcase movie, My Big Fucking Dick: Sean Zevran, to showcase and celebrate the perfection of his pipe. His costars include some of the most gorgeous of today’s stars, such as Brent Corrigan and Johnny V., along with rising star Abraham al Malek.

Raging Stallion Studios featured Sean and Dorian Ferro in a stunning, mind-fucking scene in Labyrinth. In a darkly lit, small space full of mirrors, it looks like there are three or four times as many of them and all of them are equally hot!

As a gorgeous doctor in Hard Medicine from Hot House Entertainment, Sean makes us want to hang out at the nearest hospital in case we can find somebody that hot. Hey, you never know. It worked for Armond Rizzo, who’s a frequent patient looking for excuses to get some more of that anal probing and deep fucking.

When he’s not performing for the cameras, Sean is often seen putting on a show onstage as a go-go dancer. You can find him at Dallas Purple Party, White Party Palm Springs, White Party Miami, and plenty of the country’s other biggest gay dance parties.

We have more than two dozen Sean Zevran movies for you. Here are five of his best!

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Apr 28

Movie Review: Sexperiment

sexperiment, nakedsword, naked sword, gay, porn, mickey taylor, chris harder, alex killborn, jacob st. ladder, j.p. dubois, j.d. phoenix, rocco steele, killian james, avant-garde, experimentalWith Sexperiment, NakedSword has stripped down to the bare essentials: good-looking men getting naked and fucking. If you didn’t know avant-garde film could be sexually stimulating, then sit back and get ready for an erotic fantasy that’ll fuck with your mind a little as it’s getting you hot. Shot on location in New York City, Sexperiment stars eight of the sexiest men in gay porn today.

One morning, Chris Harder wakes up with a hard-on and his boyfriend Alex Kilborn wants to make good use of it. The rest of the day can wait. After they’ve probed all of each other’s erogenous zones with their lips and tongues, they’re ready to dive in deeper with their throbbing cocks inside each other’s hungry holes. Things take a surprising turn by the end, but we don’t want to give anything away.

NakedSword Exclusive Mickey Taylor is in the middle of a fashion photo shoot with the mysterious designer, the excellently named Jacob St. Ladder, when the sexual tension between them explodes. In a fetishistic frenzy, they cut off the clothes because removing them the old-fashioned way just takes too long. Under dramatic lighting that heightens the contrast of pale skin and the space around their bodies, deep-throating uncut cocks leads to flip-fucking greedy holes.

Lying face down on a bed, ass up and ready for whoever comes along to fuck it, J.P. Dubois just wants to indulge his dick pig fantasy. NakedSword Exclusive Killian James is feeling similarly horny and ready for anonymous action, so it works out perfectly. As he rims J.P.’s hole and explores it with his fingers, dildos, and his raging cock, Killian narrates the scene and breaks the third wall. This experimental approach is new and somehow only adds to the appeal.

Young J.D. Phoenix gets home to discover that somebody has broken into his apartment. He finds the hulking hunk Rocco Steele standing alone in a room, stroking his jaw-dropping ten inches. J.D. is even more shocked when Rocco pushes him against a wall, caught too far off guard to try and stop him. “I’ve been waiting for you, boy,” says Rocco, sending goosebumps down J.D.’s spine and making his asshole shiver in anticipation. Rocco ties J.D.’s wrists and gives him the fuck they both crave, and even though it would be terrifying in real life to find a stranger has invaded your personal space to ass-fuck you, J.D. and Rocco have an explosive scene that will fuel lots of fantasies.

NakedSword has served us something fresh and exciting. Sexperiment is streaming exclusively on AEBN and you don’t want to miss it!

Stars:   Mickey Taylor   Chris Harder   Alex Killborn   Jacob St. Ladder   J.P. Dubois   J.D. Phoenix   Rocco Steele   Killian James
Studio Name:   NakedSword 

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Apr 25

#AEBN Trending February April 18th – April 25th


Apr 22

Versatile Saxon West, one of our favorite gingers

saxon west, versatile, gay, porn, ginger, britishWe love us a good versatile porn star, and they don’t get much more powerful than Saxon West. This sculpted, red-haired European stud can take a pounding like you won’t believe, but he’s also been known to deliver his big, hard cock up the backside of porn’s hottest asses.

Born in the UK, Saxon made his first porn appearances in 2013 for Raw Fuck Club online. You can see some of these first scenes in Bottom Feeders from Raw Fuck Club/Dark Alley Media, and he’s topping in both of them. In the first of these cum-splashing fuck fests, Armond Rizzo gives up his greedy asshole to Saxon’s big meat. Later, Saxon plows Blake Daniels and spews jizz all over him. After Shock, another scorching Raw Fuck Club/Dark Alley Media release that’s all about leather and bondage, features Saxon teaming up on Latin bottom Dominic Sol with Chase Coxxx and Antonio Biaggi.

Saxon was one of the featured stars of Red Hot Ginger Men from Eurocreme, released in 2014. In a spontaneous kitchen fuck, Annton Harri eats Saxon’s smooth asshole and then thrusts his big dick deep inside.

For those who love watching a hot man stroke his own dick and pop a big load, nothing could be finer than Boner from Treasure Island Media. Saxon is one of ten hot men performing luscious solos in that signature gritty style from TIM and director Max Sohl.

As a music teacher who’s vulnerable to the charms of a seducer like Duncan Black, Saxon is erotically and emotionally compelling in Answered Prayers: The Music Teacher. Duncan is a jealous, diabolical man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants from Saxon. It’s a Cockyboys scene that no fan of either stud should miss.

European men hold a special allure for a quartet of tourists in Strangers in Prague from Kristen Bjorn Productions. Sightseeing is fun, but it can’t compare to the sights and sounds of raw, no-strings-attached sex with uncut continental studs.

Load Sharks from Raw Fuck Club/Dark Alley Media gives us a match made in porn heaven as bearded and bald daddy Adam Russo gets Saxon right where he wants him: in the ass!

GoGo Gangbang, streaming exclusively on AEBN from Dark Alley Media, is Saxon’s latest movie. Things get wild at the club and it all leads up to one relentless orgy featuring super bottom Owen Powers.

AEBN has two dozen Saxon West titles. Here are some fan favorites that are not to be missed!

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Apr 21

Movie Review: Kinky Fuckers 2

kinky fuckers 2, abused, staxus, twink, damian dickey, jesse magowan, marty love, rudy valentino, adrian smallwood, lucas davidson, troy stevenson, ethan white, kurt maddox, sven larsson, twink, raw, bareback, gay, porn, kink, bdsm, pissingTwinks explore their dominant, submissive, and downright dick-piggy desires in Kinky Fuckers 2 from Staxus’ Abused imprint. If you like something spicier than vanilla, then you’re in the right place.

Window washer Lucas Davidson strokes himself as he watches British twink Jesse Magowan do the same through the window. In a flash they’re both on the bed, kissing hard before Jesse cuffs Lucas, blindfolds him, and starts to suck that uncut cock. Jesse uses a suction device on Lucas’ cock, squeezing the bulb every few seconds. When Jesse frees Lucas from bondage, the window washer spanks the twink with a leather paddle, reddening his cute little ass and getting his dick harder. As they flip-fuck, they spice things up with hot wax.

In a café, older hunk Marty Love smokes casually while ginger twink Troy Stevenson makes eyes at him while cleaning a table nearby. Troy makes an awkward attempt at conversation that leads Marty to bend him over the pool table and make the twink service him. After fitting a metal vice around Troy’s cock and balls, Marty gives Troy a hands-free blowjob with plenty of swirling tongue action. Marty rubs their cocks together for a moment and thrusting his dick into that twink hole! It opens the door to a host of kinky penetration that includes a pool cue and pool balls.

New army recruit Kurt Maddox is far better suited to sucking and fucking with other guys than he is to life in the military, but that’s okay by his superiors, Damian Dickey and Rudy Valentino. Almost immediately Damian is ramming his rod down Kurt’s throat, which soon leads to Damian pounding him over a desk till his ass turns red. Rudy joins in so that he and Damian can spit-roast their new toy and pour hot wax all over his chest. Kurt gets treated like a human fuck doll and visibly enjoys it all.

Sven Larsson has dropped off a friend at a parking garage when he encounters Adrian Smallwood, who’s trying to sell some phones. Adrian gets a lot more than a phone sale when Sven takes him home for some kinky fucking, complete with golden shower action!

Long-haired Hungarian twink Jeanne D’Arc gets “road-tested” when Ethan White is casting new porn models. No job interview could ever compare! Jeanne proves to be a capable dick sucker and he’s completely down for some extreme penetration courtesy of Ethan’s dildo collection. Fortunately, Jeanne’s ass is elastic and it’s still plenty snug for Ethan’s cock. Spoiler alert: Jeanne passes the test, duh!

Damian Dickey and Tim Law team up with gorgeous British stud Skylar Blu. In their skimpy scraps of leather, they make out and soon get down to business with Damian at the center. Skylar and Tim take turns slobbing Damian’s knob as he just lies back and enjoys the attention. Damian takes ownership of their buttholes, first Tim’s and then Skylar’s. Things get freakier with some fisting and it all concludes with cummy dicks pushing raw loads back into freshly fucked asses!

Kinky Fuckers 2 is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Damian Dickey   Jesse Magowan   Marty Love   Rudy Valentino   Adrian Smallwood   Lucas Davidson   Troy Stevenson   Ethan White   Kurt Maddox   Sven Larsson
Studio Name:   Abused  Staxus

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