Aug 28

Feast your eyes on hot, well-hung Marcus Ruhl

marcus ruhl, big dick, gay porn starPorn star Marcus Ruhl has a well-honed physique, but don’t confuse him with the German professional bodybuilder. Possibly the most important muscle on his 5’11” body is that uncut cock, which is seven and a half inches long and a thing of beauty. That’s not all that Marcus has going for him—he’s also got the looks of a model, he’s versatile, and he really knows how to rock the classic leatherman look when he feels like getting dressed up all kinky-like.

Fetish lovers will enjoy seeing Marcus get toyed with to the brink of sexual madness in Men on Edge: Bodybuilder Marcus Ruhl Edged for the First Time from KinkMen. Marcus had done bondage in his personal life before this scene, but he’d never tried edging. Bound to a cross, he’s stripped naked and blindfolded, so every other sensation is keener. As they tease him with a vibrator, his cock goes rigid and stays that way as they clamp his nipples and flog him. He loves the whipping so much he begs for more! Getting plugged with dildos at both ends almost makes him pop, but they tease and deny him the release of orgasm until they’re good and ready to let him cum. After he’s finally blown a huge load, they leave him hogtied.

In Raging Stallion Studios’ outdoorsy The Woods 2, Marcus invites himself into Paddy O’Brian’s tent, where he finds the hot British stud wearing only a flannel shirt and already playing with himself. Marcus sucks on Paddy’s famously thick meat and impale himself on it for a sweaty ride that ends in a hot, jizzy mess.

Marcus doesn’t do as much topping as bottoming, but based on his scene in Gentlemen 5: Business and Pleasure (Lucas Entertainment) we’d love the chance to see him pound some ass more often. When high-end contractor Bryan Cole needs Marcus to do the job faster, he offers up his lack of a gag reflex and his snug yet hungry asshole as incentives.

Get your fill of that older/younger fantasy as Marcus takes Chase Young’s sweet, tender ass in The Massage Parlor: Soap Opera Heartthrob Craves Hot Twink from Rock Candy Films. The contrast between twink and muscle stud is so beautifully filmed here, and they make such a sexy duo. If only every massage could have such a happy ending.

We’ve got even more Marcus Ruhl movies that’ll make you lose your load!

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Aug 26

Featured Studio: Boys Halfway House

Boys Halfway House

Boys Halfway House

In Boys Halfway House you are presented with a psychological peek into a world of Domination and submission, of bondage and power play. The series starts out with a closet door opening and here we find two young men tied up and gagged on the floor. It’s time for some structured discipline and fun for the dominant top. He inspects his reluctant subject and with some hard filthy talk and strong instructions, the young man does as he is told as much as he may not want to. The men staying at the half-way house are harassed, abused, and fucked hard and raw by a steady cadre of older experienced men taking complete advantage of the younger men whether they like it or not. Often accompanied by a buddy, it is apparent that the guys are being lined up to be used as a sexy toys for these unrelenting men.

Boys Halfway House - Bareback Delinquent Torment

Boys Halfway House – Bareback Delinquent Torment

The appeal isn’t just about the age play. Throughout the scenes you find that it isn’t just the sex that gives them control , pushing these young men to make their first venture in front of the camera gives them more control than just using their bodies would. The isn’t something you usually find in most mainstream polished porn. The venerability and raw exposure of this dynamic is what makes Boys Halfway House a hit. It’s much like being a fly on the wall of a Dom/Sub based relationship and witnessing both the physical and psychological dynamic that takes place during those most intimate times between the two extremes.

Boys Halfway House - 20 Yr Old Throat Fucked

Boys Halfway House – 20 Yr Old Throat Fucked

Boys Halfway House is porn that is unique and controversial but ultimately it is a fantasy. If you get your rocks off to an older, yet elusive, dominant using  younger white trash men in a way that only few ever experienced, Boys Halfway House will be right up your alley. All bareback, mentally intense, and always hot to watch, make sure to check this studio out.

Boys Halfway House Vol. 1

Boys Halfway House Vol. 1

Boys Halfway House Vol. 2

Boys Halfway House Vol. 2

Boys Halfway House Vol. 3

Boys Halfway House Vol. 3

Boys Halfway House Vol. 4

Boys Halfway House Vol. 4

Aug 25

Featured Movie: Scouting For Daddy

Scouting For Daddy

Scouting For Daddy

With all the news about the Scouts over the last several weeks, it’s about time for a parody and we have one hell of one with Scouting For Daddy. Looks like there is more than one way to earn your Eagle badge and the studio, Bareback Me Daddy, brings this fantasy to life for all of us to enjoy.

While talking about setting up camp, two scout members are approached by their horny troop leader. They know exactly what to do to get additional perks during their camping excursion and they jump right to it as they jump right on their leader’s uncut cock. Being in the middle of nowhere, they quickly get naked and start working over each other’s cocks while surrounded by nature. After warming each other up, our blonde star is on his back taking it raw in his tight little ass while he continues to suck off his leader. He quickly learns that he should be taking care of his scout leaders needs and impales himself on the more mature man’s cock, riding it like it will be the last dick ever in his ass. He goes back and forth between his buddy’s young cock and his leaders, making sure that he earns his next merit badge for “community service” and you will agree he deserves it.

Our blonde scout finds himself in some trouble after getting caught smoking in the woods by a park ranger. Forest fires are a serious concern and the ranger comes down on him hard and lands dick first in the blonde scouts face. Our scout sucks the much older ranger knowing that is he doesn’t do a good job, he will get in trouble with his troop. The ranger takes the opportunity to taste the young scouts cock but quickly returns to aggressively face fucking the scout, which seems to really get the young man going. Of course that ass is going to feel even better and the ranger takes aim and goes balls deep in one thrust. Out in the woods, no one can hear their grunts and moans so they go at it hard. Fucked in every position, the eager scout is working hard to stay out of trouble and takes a very hard fucking by the mature ranger. The scout loves that big, raw, uncut daddy dick in his tight hole and you can see he is in heaven as he rides that cock and gets all of his buttons pushed over and over until he can’t hold back any more and blows his load all over his tight stomach. The blonde scout then finishes off his authoritative friend and is treated to a huge load right in his mouth.

Scouting For Daddy - 3 Way

Scouting For Daddy – 3 Way

Next up our ranger walks up on a scout hanging out and looking like he is up to no good so he calls him over to have a chat. Walking into a more secluded area, the ranger starts undressing the young scout, giving him the attention that he was waiting on earlier. Both of their dicks come out and, like any good scout, drops to his knees to service the mature man in front of him. This scout is sexy as hell and the ranger takes some time to enjoy every piece of him… sucking his uncut cock and licking his tight, young hole. After some tongue time on that sweet hole, the mature stud likes his big cock up and goes in for the goody and he fucks the scout standing. But with a scout as hot as this one, the ranger finds himself wanting that young cock in his ass and lays the scout down and takes that cock up his daddy hole like a champ until he can’t take it any longer and blows his load. The daddy finishes off the scout which shoots one of the biggest loads I’ve seen in some time. These guys are beyond impressive and look amazing together.

Scouting For Daddy - Daddy Bottoms

Scouting For Daddy – Daddy Bottoms

A little ways further into the woods, both a sexy scout and his handsome scout master is busy setting up their tent for the evening. As you would expect with this scout troop, they are distracted and find that sucking dick is a much better way to pass the time. The scout is working over that daddy dick in no time, taking the big cock in his mouth like a seasoned pro. Once the scout master is good and hard, they quickly take it where they know they want it to go and that’s right in the ass of the young scout. These two are smoking hot together and you can see that they both love every inch of their outdoors fuck. While sitting on the thrusting daddy dick, the cum is fucked right out of the scout followed by a huge hands free cum shot by the scout master.

Scouting For Daddy - Scout Bottoms

Scouting For Daddy – Scout Bottoms

A new recruit has arrived and the scout master is spending some time showing him the ropes. After taking the class inside, the older leader takes the opportunity to show the new scout how things work in their den and starts sucking the younger mans cock. But this scout is eager to show how hard he will work to achieve his badges and promptly sits on that daddy cock bareback taking it all in his tight ass. After a few fun positions, the scout leader blows his huge load all over the blonde scout followed by the scout taking matters in his own hands and finishes himself off to an explosive orgasm.

Whether you are looking to realize a fantasy from long ago or you simply love the dynamic of older men with younger guys, this collection of five hardcore barebacking scenes will give you a totally different perspective on scouting. Scouting is all about making men out of boys and for these young men, there are plenty of rewards but no merit badges.

Aug 21

Intense, big-dick Irish-Italian stud Ty Roderick

ty roderick, big dick, leather boots, muscle otterEast Coast native Ty Roderick took an offer to go out west and shoot his first porn scenes in 2010: a solo, a blowjob, and a topping scene. He was 23 years old and still had that freshman-like hotness, but you could see the mature stud he would become starting to emerge even then. Though nervous at first, Ty was thrilled to get out of his conservative small town, to find adventure, experimentation, and passion in the world. His masculine Irish-Italian good looks helped him gain an instant fan base, and his hot performances kept them coming back for more.

Ty’s cock is distinctively curved upward. The more aroused he gets, the more it curves. It’s an impressive nine inches long and other guys can’t wait to feel it in their mouths and hungry holes! For that reason, you’ll mostly see Ty performing as a top.

From early bisexual titles like Husbands Teaching Wives How To Suck Cock 2 (Devil’s Film) to more recent man-on-man blockbusters such as Next Door Studios’ Fuck Club, Ty has become a wildly popular stud in the gay porn world. He’s only gotten sexier and better looking as time goes by.

These days you can see Ty often in the lush, plot-driven male-on-male erotica of the Iconmale studio. Watch geeky, closeted teen Asa Shaw seduce Ty in Straight Boy Seductions, making him forget all about the boundaries that are supposed to exist between students and athletic coaches. And in Football Hero, Ty is the young star athlete whose decision to come out at the beginning of the season forces his straight-acting teammates to confront their own secret urges.

Full Release from Hard Friction/Raging Stallion Studios features Ty alongside sexy James Ryder as two jocks whose intense connection just radiate through the screen. Before you even see how hard they are for each other, you can tell their fuck will be an undeniable inferno of masculine passion. It’s a sweaty, aggressive session of cock sucking, ass rimming, and hole pounding as Ty tops James.

Ty cleverly refers to himself as a “Master dicksmith” and a “multiple orgasm donor.”

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Aug 20

Movie Review: Soldiers screw in Battle of the Bottoms 2

battle of the bottoms 2, active duty, gay military pornEvery new Active Duty release brings us a fresh batch of soldiers who need to scratch their itches on the down low. Off come the fatigues and the combat boots as they meet in secret rooms to show off and get off for Dink Flamingo’s camera. Battle of the Bottoms 2 serves up three hungry bottoms competing to show us they’re the piggiest of all.

After a long leave of absence, handsome Sawyer (at left on the box cover) returns to Active Duty for two sizzling scenes. First he’s here for a hot, hungry flip-flopping fuck with the hyper-masculine Niko (at right on the box cover), whose crew cut and V-shaped torso really scream “military.” Dink doesn’t spend much time talking because he can feel the “porn glow” in the room and he knows it means that great things are about to happen. Niko starts out by kissing Sawyer’s chest while stroking his dick. Oral favors are traded, including some lusty ass rimming. Niko slowly inserts his rod into Sawyer’s ready hole and deeply screws him in several positions, kissing him passionately from time to time. Then it’s Sawyer’s turn and he’s just as sweet and hot as you remember from his previous performances. The two studs cum together on Niko’s crotch.

Dink and Sawyer have a brief chat before the returning stud is paired with another versatile Active Duty veteran named Jaxon. This Texan is a dick-sucking pro who regularly breaks in the newcomers who aren’t sure yet if they’re ready to “cross over” into gay porn. But as these two men are no strangers to man-on-man action, it’s exciting to watch them go at each other. Dink leaves them to it and the camera rolls. After a momentary chat with each other, the guys start to kiss. They take turns sucking each other’s dicks for a while. Sawyer takes the first “crack” at licking and fingering Jaxon’s bunghole, but Jaxon is the one who takes charge of the fucking first. It’s hot, but when Sawyer gets on top and rides slowly and deeply, you’ll have a hard time not losing your load then and there. They switch places after several minutes of this sensual ride, and Sawyer fucks Jaxon in doggy and missionary. When Sawyer sees the load Jaxon jerks out onto himself, he pulls out and adds to the creamy mess.

Eric and Mark, both of whom are new recruits with well-sculpted bodies, show us their solo techniques complete with some ass play. We hope to see them in action with other soldiers soon!

Stars:   Mark   Niko   Eric   Sawyer   Jaxon  
Studio Name:   Active Duty 

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