AEBN Releases Top 25 Gay Stars Of 2014

AEBN is pleased to announce the top gay stars of 2014. Fans have chosen who they believe to be the hottest and best performing men in gay adult entertainment.

So, what makes an adult performer a real star? AEBN compiles credible evidence every day and has distilled a year’s worth of consumer data to answer this question. The essence of the data is simply based on the dollars spent by AEBN’s discerning adult customers. AEBN believes that sales credibility trumps any data based upon casual viewing via free tube sites or “performer of the minute” searches. As one of the world leaders in on-demand adult video, AEBN believes it is uniquely qualified to determine which performers have achieved true star status.

Without further delay, we bring you AEBN’s Top Gay Performers of 2014!

#1: Armond Rizzo
Armond Rizzo AKA Joey Rodriguez Movies: 28 Scenes: 31
Compact sized muscle bottom Armond Rizzo loves to take massive cocks. It’s no surprise this sexy Latino was 2014’s best star with titles from Raw Strokes, Raging Stallion, and Iconmale, amongst others. This past year viewers saw Armond getting pounded by some of the biggest cocks in the industry in titles like Bareback Anarchy, Bottom Feeders, and Forbidden Encounters.

This Chicago native moved to San Diego to make it big and take it big, and he’s proven to be one of the best at it.

You can watch top star Armond Rizzo get his ass stretched on the AEBN VOD theater here. Enjoy!

Put A Cock In It starring Armond Rizzo AKA Joey Rodriguez

Bareback Me, Please 4 Starring Armond Rizzo AKA Joey Rodriguez

Bareback Hustle Starring Armond Rizzo AKA Joey Rodriguez

Warehouse Fists starring Armond Rizzo AKA Joey Rodriguez


#2: Antonio Biaggi
Antonio BiaggiWatch Antonio Biaggi Movies
Movies: 157   Scenes: 166

 #3: Blue Bailey

Blue Bailey

Watch Blue Bailey Movies
Movies: 64 Scenes: 73

 #4: Connor Maguire

Connor Maguire

Watch Connor Maguire Movies
Movies: 63   Scenes: 78

 #5: Christian Wilde

Christian Wilde

Watch Christian Wilde Movies
Movies: 128   Scenes: 172

 #6: Brad Kalvo Brad KalvoWatch Brad Kalvo Movies
Movies: 31   Scenes: 36

 #7: Ty Roderick

Ty Roderick

Watch Ty Roderick Movies
Movies: 37   Scenes: 44

 #8: Hot Rod

Hot Rod

Watch Hot Rod Movies Movies
Movies: 96   Scenes: 100

 #9: Colby KellerColby KellarWatch Colby Keller Movies
Movies: 58   Scenes: 65

 #10: Aaron Aurora

Aaron Aurora

Watch Aaron Aurora Movies
Movies: 74   Scenes: 57

 #11: Dirk Caber

Dirk Caber

Watch Dirk Caber Movies
Movies: 29   Scenes: 40

 #12: Devon LebronDevon LebronWatch Devon Lebron Movies
Movies: 21   Scenes: 31

 #13: Cutler X

Cutler X

Watch Cutler X Movies
Movies: 18   Scenes: 15

 #14: Tommy Defendi 

Tommy Defendi

Watch Tommy Defendi Movies
Movies: 90   Scenes: 108

 #15: Shay MichaelsShay MichaelsWatch Shay Michaels Movies
Movies: 48   Scenes: 50

 #16: Lito Cruz

Lito Cruz

Watch Lito Cruz Movies
Movies: 56   Scenes: 69

 #17: Gabriel Lenfant

Gabriel Lenfant

Watch Gabriel Lenfant Movies
Movies: 39   Scenes: 46

 #18: Rafael CarrerasRafael CarrerasWatch Rafael Carreras Movies
Movies: 52   Scenes: 50

 #19: Denis Reed

Denis Reed

Watch Denis Reed Movies
Movies: 250   Scenes: 178

 #20: Steven Daigle

Steven Daigle

Watch Steven Daigle Movies
Movies: 36   Scenes: 45

 #21: Darius FerdynandDarius FerdynandWatch Darius Ferdynand Movies
Movies: 38   Scenes: 42

 #22: Preston Johnson

Preston Johnson

Watch Preston Johnson Movies
Movies: 26   Scenes: 31

 #23: Champ Robinson

Champ Robinson

Watch Champ Robinson Movies
Movies: 45   Scenes: 46

 #24: Jimmy FanzJimmy FanzWatch Jimmy Fanz Movies
Movies: 24   Scenes: 26

 #25: Trenton Ducati

Watch Trenton Ducati Movies
Movies: 82   Scenes: 85