AEBN Streams Pitbull’s Payback’s a Bitch 3 Exclusively

AEBN, the global leader in adult video-on-demand, is now streaming Pitbull Productions’ new title, Payback’s a Bitch 3.

The third installment of Pitbull Productions’ best-selling “Payback’s a Bitch” series stars a fresh young group of hot thugs still playing at the age-old game of cheating. With the new social media and advanced technologies it’s easier to get caught than ever and these boys pay the price. Payback’s a Bitch 3 contains five action-packed sex scenes, all directed by the masterful hand of Jalin Fuentes.

“The ‘Payback’s a Bitch’ series has seen immense popularity on AEBN when the first two volumes were released,” says AEBN’s Chris Baker. “Pitbull has tapped into something with these movies that customers love to see again and again. We’re sure that this third volume will do the same, and we can’t wait to see how our customers respond to it.”

“We know Payback’s a Bitch 3 will do astoundingly well on AEBN and even beat the awesome numbers the first two installments have racked up,” says Pitbull’s Jalin Fuentes. “AEBN is the perfect network to partner with – they are the best!”

Payback’s a Bitch 3 and the first two volumes in the series are now available across the AEBN network.

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