All American Men

As we celebrate our independence here in the US today, we look at the sexual independence and acceptance we’re fighting so hard for, at the defenders of our American rights to love and marry as we wish (thank you, New York!), the adventures we’ve had and the great strides we’ve taken in….damn, is that how my ass looks in last year’s shorts? Sigh…back to the vodka and sugar-free Red Bulls! Where were we…ah yes, the three-day weekend that’s almost over! To be honest, right now we’re probably sitting next to a pool arguing about who’s hotter on True Blood, and trying to decide if we really need a disco nap before the fireworks tonight. So we’ll leave you with some of our favorite all-American boys, all red and white and wish-they-blew-me-too!


Damon Blows America

Categories: Blowjob Cumshot

Description: Damon Dogg, All-American cock-addict, is sucking and swallowing his way across the U.S. of A. In this, his first DVD, we’ve included all three volumes of his brand-new best-selling cum-swallowing video series. Damon and his blow-buds swallow spooge from he hot men of Portland, San Francisco, and San Diego. Featuring a special cum-eating duo with Damon and porn-legend Chris McKenzie. For men who love cocksucking and cum-eating, Damon and his buddies are your kinda men. They’ll be sucking soon in a town near you!

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Barebacking USA: Road Trip

Categories: Bareback Anal

Description: If this film doesn’t get you up and get you off… call your doctor immediately! The HDK staff have been traveling the USA filming and fucking. This first volume of the Barebacking USA series features the hot men and boys of Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Fort Worth showing you how they “DO IT” in their states. Huge ass-pounding cocks and steamy, cum-dripping assholes in EVERY scene. It’s truly non-stop fucking action from the beginning to the end… NO FLUFF… NO FAST FORWARD MOMENTS… just hard, fast and frenzied man-to-man RAW fucking. Four scenes with 11 studs. Hard Cocks and cum-filled assholes. Outdoor scenes in the Arizona Desert and by OUR pool. An UNBELIEVABLE four-way fuck with a “daisy chain” in Las Vegas. You’ve got to see this Daisy Chain to believe it! Watch the manly studs of Texas in a three-way with two studs pounding the third relentlessly. Do you like cocks AND dildos up the ass at the same time? The Texas boys show you how they do it.

American Bears


Description: It’s “ship ahoy!” and “anchors aweigh” in director Paul Baressi’s latest tribute to the military. When these big, burly, beefy bears pull into port, they don’t just drop anchor…they “drop trou” for plenty of hot shipboard action! Doing it “the Navy way” includes lots of rough sex and dirty talk. If you like 100% prime USA bear-meat, this one will have you yelling “Hey Sailor!”



Barebacking Across America


Description: 3 sets of backpacking boyfriends on the road to raw adventure and one lonely traveler finds glory hole heaven in a roadside restroom.


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