Amateur Studio:

Porn producer Chaz is known for his cutting edge guy-on-guy and straight porn. In 1996, the creative forces for took shape in San Diego. It all started as a dare. Believing that the adult amateur industry lacked any real direction or quality, Chaz seized the moment and began building on his criteria. It hasn’t been a smooth road. He’s been held at gunpoint, stalked, and car chased, and he successfully thwarted a competitor who threatened him bodily harm. Chaz has even turned down an offer to sell the company and “leave town ’cause it’s too small for the both of us.”


Along the way Chaz has discovered some major stars of the amateur talent pool, including Army Shawn, Scooter, Marine Antonio, and many more. That knack for finding some of the handsomest models in the industry is part of the reason Chaz and have become a force to be reckoned with. He attributes his inspiration from mentor and industry legend, Larry Ginsburg. Chaz learned a great deal from Larry’s treasure trove of talents. “He knew how to run a business and how to produce a movie that would generate real income. All the right stuff,” Chaz tells us.


Chaz really has the feel for straight guys, especially military men. “So many of these dudes are so willing to get down with another guy that they’re exploding inside, ready to do it rather than just think about it,” Chaz says. “These guys hate to admit it, but the desire is there, consciously or subconsciously. All straight men feel this one time or another. They just never dare act on it unless the opportunity arises.”


Although Chaz plans to be around for a while, he’s curious about the future of the industry. “Curious never sleeps and curious gets in your guts, but a hard cock has no conscience and the naked male will always be in demand,” Chaz says.


“The political climate dictates how creative the porn artists will dare to be,” he adds. “It’s not that it is a negative, but to stifle any creative art form is really social oppression in the worst way. We all have to go forward… and upward.”


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