Birthday Boy

Birthday BoyEurocreme and DreamBoy have just released Birthday Boy and it’s everything you want from twink porn: sexy, packed with sweet eye candy, and even romantic.

It’s Drake Law’s birthday, so his flatmate Billy Rubens takes him around town to celebrate. Besides, Drake is feeling a little homesick because he’s just moved to London from the countryside. Billy buys Drake a sex toy and a pint. While Billy’s visiting the loo, Drake manages to get a hot guy’s number and quickly bails on Billy, promising to see him at the flat later. He and the extremely chiseled stud from the pub swap cock-sucking duties before Drake fucks the guy. Afterward, Drake drifts away to wherever the city will take him next.

While Drake’s off hooking up with a stranger, Billy takes his fuck buddy Luke Desmond up on his request of a quickie before Luke’s girlfriend comes home. They suck, use a masturbator, and fuck in a horny frenzy.

The next day, Billy tells his friends Danny Daniels and JP Dubois about his apparently unrequited crush on Drake. He knows that he took off to fuck the stranger from the bar. Danny and JP give Billy the perfect excuse to put the moves on Drake: they’re hosting an orgy that night and they suggest he bring the new boy with him. In the meantime, they warm up for the evening’s festivities with a threeway to “relax” Billy.

Even though he isn’t sure Drake will be interested, Billy brings him along without telling him what’s in store. Drake takes one look at the already-in-progress orgy and pulls Billy aside. In an upstairs room, Drake confesses that he’s more of a one-man kind of guy and he’s wanted to kiss Billy ever since he showed him the flat. It’s downright romantic to watch them kiss and have sex for the first time, but it’s also extremely hot when toned Billy thrusts his big cock into Drake’s eager hole.

When Billy and Drake leave, the other five twinks are all sleeping after a long, hard orgy. The movie rewinds so we get to see what they did to exhaust them, of course. JP, Danny, and their closest fuck-friends enjoy an epic sex party that ends in a sweaty, cum-splashed heap of young bodies.

The life of a twink in London is full of sex and sometimes love. You can expect to finish the movie with your own balls drained!

Running Time:   78 minutes
Released:   09/2013
Studio Name:   Eurocreme  DreamBoy
Series:   Dreamboy Series
Director:   Blacky Mendez
Stars:   J.P. Dubois   Luke Desmond   Danny Daniels   Darius Ferdynand   Drake Law   Billy Rubens   McKensie Cross
Categories: New Release   Euro   Feature   International   Twink   Anal   Safe Sex

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