Black Balled 7: Jail Slammed

Black Balled 7: Jail Slammed

Black Balled 7: Jail Slammed

Director Chi Chi LaRue is famous for some of the best hardcore safe sex porn around. As a legend of the industry, she’s also known for finding some of the hottest new talent. Chi Chi’s Black Balled movies are the ultimate in interracial prison sex and the latest installment proves to be the most explosive, cum-splashing release in this series to date!

In “Black Balled 7: Jail Slammed,” tight-assed white stud Cameron Adams is a prisoner in more ways than one, but he might never want to be free after this. The horny, hung brothas in the cellblock see their chance to make this one white guy their sex slave and he’s happy to suck and fuck every giant black cock in the joint!

As the movie begins, Cameron is fucking his cellmate Osian and getting all the other prisoners restless and agitated, which leads to a fuckfest on the cellblock between prisoners and guards. (You know, they call guards “screws” in some parts of the world and in a scene like this it’s easy to see why!) Soon the orgiastic frenzy consumes everyone in the joint, including Cameron, who has to take every cock on the block. While he’s busy getting plowed, his mouth is busy sucking them off and eating their asses. His cellmate, meanwhile, is keeping just as busy with plenty of dicks to feed his mouth. After his new fuck buddies have all exploded onto Cameron and he adds his creamy load to the mix, they rub it all over his hot body in what has to be the sexiest, dirtiest post-sex “massage” you ever saw. A prison orgy as hot as this could only come from a sexually astute mind like Chi Chi’s.

Things are only just getting started, though, because there is still more fucking to be had. At the point when Cameron’s taken more than most could stand, he gets double penetrated and takes load after load all over his face! If you love prison sex movies or are already a fan of┬áthe Black Balled series, then get ready for “Black Balled 7,” the hottest one yet!

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