Black Breeders 2: The New Breed

Black Breeders 2: The New BreedSay what you will about bareback porn, it’s certainly come to prominence in the marketplace. Even among the more niche genres such as black porn, it’s now taking a hold of many audiences. is one of the sites at the forefront of this new, raw demand. Together with Dark Alley Media and Forbidden Funk Media, they’ve now released the sequel to their successful first feature release, “ The Auditions.”

Auditions was really a lead-in for traffic to their site, and had some familiar poles and holes from black porn busting nice, thick nut. Despite being tagged as audition tapes, the performers clearly knew what they were doing and how to work a camera. They were a nice mix of gym rats, thugs and black daddies and it really worked all up.

Now comes Black Breeders 2 and you can expect all that hardcore, big dicked action to continue. Every scene in this volume features a black perfomer making his porn debut, or a porn favorite (such as Zyz Taylor) making his first bareback appearance on-screen.

New though many may be, you can expect them all to be qualified condomless dick takers and there are some real surprises with performers including Big Beef who, as his name suggests, has one of the fattest dicks you’ve likely ever seen.

There are a few different locales to ensure things don’t get stale and the action is particularly good in scenes one and three. Black porn comes in varying quality, black bareback porn even more so. But Black Breeders seems to have done a good job of delivering quality (and some very nice quantity) at the same time. So check it out.

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