Black Topped Pizza Boy

Black Topped Pizza BoyThere’s been a spate of these ‘young Latin lad meets big-dicked black studs’ films of late. They really seem to have found an audience with this type of intergenerational-interracial fusion feature that pits hung hotties with innocent looking bottom boys just looking to be roughed up on camera.

Now comes “Black Topped Pizza Boy” from Alexander Pictures, starring Brazilian beauty Martino Paiva. Paiva has had a string of similarly themed performances in films like “Rio Blatinos” – another Alexander Pictures flick. The good-looking young talent really gets the spotlight in these features, so it’s no surprise he’s happy to be on the end of these pain-inducing cocks.

The concept of this film is that he’s been employed as a pizza boy that just happens to keep getting customers that greet him in their tight, white boxer-briefs and take advantage of the Brazilian cutie while their hunger is at its most insatiable. The formula of big dicks and young bottoms is almost incapable of not being enjoyable – certainly the mix works well again with this film.

From the opening threeway fuck to the closing one, seeing this kid get dominated by his horny hosts is unbeatable in terms of sexual dynamics and boner-inducing imagery. Even the encounters where it’s just Paiva with one other guy – such as scene four – is a must-see because of the sheer size of the chocolate cock he’s forced to shove up his ass.

This movie is another great example of a fantastic concept pulled off – no pun intended – with simple and provocative sex scenes capitalizing on the talents of one little Latin bottom boy with the skill to take massive wang.

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