Boys Halfway House 8

boys halfway house 8, bareback cum rags, amateur gay porn, twins, creampie, twinksBoys Halfway House 8: These Boys Are Nothing But Bareback Cum Rags is a real mouthful of a title, but it’s certainly accurate. Half a dozen scenes of raw fucking feature young delinquents who are getting one more chance to make something of themselves, but first they’ve got to take an ass full of cock and a load of jizz!

For the crew cut-sporting hottie in scene one, there’s no need for words. His policy is to just unzip that fly and get to sucking, and we get to watch in a close-up POV shot as he gives the guy’s dick a thorough oral working over. He licks up all the seed and swallows like a good boy.

The lean, cut, dark-haired young cutie in scene two is looking at his phone on the living room couch when the guy running the halfway house confronts him with the prescription bottle that was just discovered in his room. With this leverage, the unseen accuser gets the troublemaker to do anything he wants. Get ready to suck dick and get your ass railed, punk. It’s not all bad, though, because he gets to come at the end… and then he has to eat some of his own jizz.

In scene three, a sleeping stud awakes to find two horny halfway house “counselors” taking off his clothes. They’ve found contraband and the only way he can make up for it is by sucking their cocks and letting them spit roast him. His tight ass has to stretch to accommodate such thick dicks, and after he’s gotten his gorgeous face plastered with one load of jizz, his ass gets even more of a workout from the other guy, who dumps the seed just outside his asshole and leaves him to clean himself up. You’ll find yourself wondering if there are really any guys this stunning in a halfway house.

Speaking of stunning guys, you get an identical pair of them in scene four! These exotically sexy young twins serve beautiful eyes at the camera as they suck dick. Then they lie side by side on their backs, spreading wide to play with their smooth balls as their hairless assholes are lubed, fingered, and fucked. They’re left with creamy assholes, still eye-fucking the camera and making you want more. You won’t find many twins this hot, and you’ll get twice the fuck for the buck with this scene!

A newbie at the halfway house gets initiated with raw sex after he’s read and signed the house rules. He’s been kicked out of every other house he’s been in, but we’re willing to bet they didn’t welcome him so warmly with bareback sex.

Finally, we end with a rough threeway in a bathroom that’s so hot you’ll need to cool yourself off in a shower… but not until after you’re done watching it. You don’t want to miss these three young ne’er-do-wells indulging all their seediest desires together.

This is an amateur title full of dirty delinquents who really deliver trashy thrills. Don’t miss it if you’re like us and you have a hard-on for bad boys!

Stars: None listed
Studio Name:   Boys Halfway House