Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee“Cute” is not quite good enough to describe the appeal of gay porn star Brandon Lee, whose fairly small 5’7″ stature belies the thick, luscious cock that his pants can barely hide. We think it’s far more than his adorable face that makes Brandon such a favorite with fans. With an exotic air owing to his rare status as one of few Asian men in gay adult cinema, Brandon is one spicy dish for all those who crave his sizzling sexual powers.

Director Chi Chi LaRue’s expert eye for the best new talent spotted Brandon in a Los Angeles bath-house in the late 1990s, when he was just 18 years old. In 1997, he made his debut for Chi Chi and he has gone on to work mainly for her at Catalina and Rascal Video, primarily as a top.

Brandon was born in March 1979. His parents now own a vineyard, but there’s a strong military background there and after a couple of years of performing, Brandon followed that family tradition. He retired to serve in the US Navy, but in 2004 he left the service and was welcomed back to the adult industry with open arms and stiffening cocks! To celebrate his big comeback, Brandon bottomed in “Brandon Lee Is Wicked” (he also composed the score, demonstrating a talent of his that many of us never get to experience). He’s been in and out of porn since then. In 2006 he starred in Nearly Naked Theatre’s production of the play Take Me Out, in which he played Japanese pitcher Takeshi Kawabata. Last year, Brandon made another return to porn for Rascal Video and has already made a few hot movies that are sure to please his longtime fans as well as those fans-to-be who are out there waiting to be blown away.

Brandon Lee Brandon Lee is Wicked Asian Persuasion Fortune Nookie

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