BrutalWho doesn’t like a sports-geared porn, especially when we’re not talking about tennis or soccer but a real man’s game like Ultimate Fighting? That’s right, two men doing sweaty battle with most of their clothes off – what could be hotter than that?? Enter Raging Stallion Studios to make all our fantasies come true with the likes of Jason Adonis, Ricky Sinz, and Angelo Marconi to head up the feature known as “Brutal.”

Sinz stars as a former MMA champion and owner of the South Side Gym where he trains this band of fighting porn stars – and that means training of all sorts. Plenty of the action in the film takes place in and out of the ring, with a few different twists on the sports porn genre that aren’t necessarily central to the athletic themes of the film, but match the brutality of the ring with the quite rough sexual encounters.

Take the opening scene between Jason, Spencer Reed, and Trent Diesel – it’s one of the hottest Raging Stallion scenes in years, but is actually set outside the fighting arena. Trent purposefully insults Spencer to try and get the guy to rough him up – a fetish of his apparently – soon both Spencer and the stunning muscle hottie Jason exchange blows with him and hold Trent down on the pool table to teach him a very rough lesson.

Spencer completely wrecks that ass and switches with Jason in what can only be described as the title of the film, brutal. They simply continue to take turns fucking him again till cum is flying from all other them and you’re left wanting to start all the way back at the beginning to see if it really was that rough.

Other notable scenes within the ring include the gorgeous Race Cooper with Park Wiley and Sinz with Drew Cutler. All up, one of the most impressive and diverse sports porns ever and another top-notch production from RSS.

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