Buck Naked

Buck NakedFalcon Studios and award-winning director Steve Cruz take you to a cabin deep in the woods, where a cast full of gorgeous men gets Buck Naked and sexual hijinks ensue! All of that bare male flesh means that there are a lot of erections. Then, of course, erections lead to mouths drooling all over those hard cocks. Once the blowjobs start, it’s just a matter of time before it gives way to fucking.

Handsome new Falcon Exclusive Ryan Rose bottoms for the first time with his new studio. He does it not once, but twice! First he opens up for Tyler “hungry like the” Wolf. Later on, Ryan proves that he just loves the wolfy guys when he flip-fucks with fellow Falcon Exclusive Shawn Wolfe. Whether he’s with Tyler or Shawn, Ryan can’t get enough of them and the feeling is obviously mutual.

Falcon man Landon Conrad is trying to read quietly, but smooth-bodied young admirer Logan Vaughn just won’t stop feeling up his meaty, sculpted body. Finally, Landon gives Logan what he wants: cock in his mouth and a pounding in the ass!

Marcus Ruhl and Angelo are a pair of bodybuilders who are surprisingly tender, but that doesn’t keep them from bringing the toughness out in each other. When Angelo’s huge cock meets Marcus’ glorious ass, it’s a hardcore ride that nobody will soon forget.

Oh, the sights the walls of this cabin have seen. You’ll wish you could join them, but until that fantasy can come true, you can watch Buck Naked exclusively on our VOD theater network!

Running Time:   112 minutes
Released:   06/2013
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios
Director:   Steve Cruz
Stars:   Shawn Wolfe   Ryan Rose   Tyler Wolf   Angelo   Landon Conrad   Marcus Ruhl   Logan Vaughn
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex

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