Carnal Cast Comes Full Circle in Falcon’s ‘What Goes Around…’

SAN FRANCISCO—Director Tony Dimarco has assembled an award-winning cast to portray the landscape of gay relationships in San Francisco. In What Goes Around…, which protrays an incendiary chain of sexual encounters, the audience will see that in the City by the Bay there are only a few degrees of “sexual” separation. What Goes Around… is coming soon to the AEBN theater network.

The links in this red hot chain include Falcon exclusives Erik Rhodes and Angelo Marconi, who share the movies grand finale, bringing together extraordinary, beefy top (Rhodes) and superstar bottom (Marconi) in a not-to-be-missed encounter.

The movie arrives at this spectacular finale by connecting one stunning link after another in an intense sexual journey. The chain is established with sexy Dayton O’Connor waking from “Une Petite Mort,” the deep sleep that follows an intense sexual tryst. He wakes next to Erik Rhodes, but leaves quickly and arrives home to hit it with his boyfriend, Topher DiMaggio. Topher continues the chain by linking with Parker London in a hot exchange. Then, Parker hooks up with Jeremy Bilding. Continuing the explosive action, Jeremy discovers a worked-up Angelo Marconi in the gym locker room and they go back to Jeremy’s place to seal the deal. And finally, the chain is complete when Marconi returns home to his boyfriend, Rhodes.

“The talented cast of this movie really embraced the concept and gave exceptional performances,” said Dimarco. “It is interesting and hot to watch the explosive chemistry change in each model as they linked from one scene partner to the other.”

Chris Ward, Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion Studios President, applauded Dimarco on his accomplishment. “Tony has a way of great concepts and getting the best out of his models, and he continues his streak of amazing movies with What Goes Around…,he said. “The energy builds with each new encounter and is sustained through the entire movie.”

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