CF Crush: Dawson

CF Crush: Dawson, gay porn review, corbin fisherVersatile, friendly, sexy blond Dawson is one of the most popular guys in the Corbin Fisher stable of studs, and CF Crush: Dawson will show you why.

Dawson and Reed get friendly in the locker room, where things quickly progress as Reed gives Dawson a foot massage. After some lusty sucking and rimming, Reed bends over on a bench and takes a deep fuck from Dawson. He groans and moans and sometimes jerks his own dick, and we get to watch from below, above, and the side. Reed lies back on a big red exercise ball wedged between two benches and furiously jacks off as Dawson alternately pounds and slowly screws him. A moment after Reed cums on himself, Dawson pulls out and aims his sticky load at Reed’s pucker, and then slowly pushes the gooey mess inside with his cock head.

Corbin Fisher exclusive Jeff finally gets his chance to top Dawson, having bottomed for him a couple of years back. The wait was totally worth it for these hot blond twunks! After some hot oral, Jeff fucks Dawson faster and slower as the mood strikes, switching positions only when it feels right. As he pumps more aggressively, Dawson strokes his dick harder and jerks out a huge load on himself! Seeing how much he made Dawson jizz gets Jeff even closer to his own orgasm, and the pounding intensifies until he pulls out to feed his load directly into Dawson’s greedy mouth!

Dark-haired Travis is a good-looking, toned stud who’s done a scene with Dawson before, but not for a while. Dawson is eager to give his hole to him. As he pulls off Travis’ shoes and socks, Dawson pauses to suck his toes. Soon they’ve both stripped off their jeans and Dawson is getting face-fucked. Travis moves into a sixty-nine position on top of Dawson and their enthusiasm spurs each of them on to even hungrier sucking. Dawson savors the chance to rim Travis, but he’s the one whose ass is getting spelunked today! Travis takes it slow for his first insertion, which is considerate because his dick is thick and long. Dawson’s hole is so sweet and tight that Travis cums soon, but he’s got more than one load in him, as Travis eggs him on to keep fucking him more and deeper. The frenzied energy ebbs and returns as they change positions. At one point Dawson is balanced on his right foot and hand, spread wide as Travis stands behind him, holding him up and drilling him furiously. When Dawson’s pent-up orgasm finally erupts, Travis is right there to drink it up. It’s an explosive meeting of two gorgeous, incredible fuckers in their prime. Even though both of these hotties fuck and get fucked a lot, you can tell this is some of the best they’ve had.

The action culminates in a molten threesome between Dawson, Trey, and Chandler. Dawson and Chandler are already making out passionately when Trey walks in and happily joins them. All three of these studs give and take in a sizzling ménage a trois that comes to a messy, hot, cum-guzzling finish!

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Stars:   Dawson   Reed   Trey (Corbin Fisher)   Chandler (Corbin Fisher)   Jeff (Corbin Fisher)   Travis (Corbin Fisher)
Studio Name:   Corbin Fisher