Here cums Alex Mecum

alex mecum, big dick, musclesFor the last couple of years, Alex Mecum has consistently been one of the most searched-for gay performers in porn. That’s not just because of his gorgeous blue-green eyes, or the fact that his muscles have muscles, or his sensual mouth. It’s not only his big dick, or his famously huge loads that he trained himself to produce with exercises and edging when he was younger. All of those things are sheer perfection, of course—and then, to make him even more appealing, there are all of his hot performances.

Alex was born and raised as a Mormon in Utah, but once he accepted his sexuality, there was no turning back. After getting his start doing solo masturbation videos online, Alex officially began doing hardcore scenes for Cockyboys. They cast him in one of his early hit movies, “Alex Has a Big Fat Dick.” As the title star, he obviously stands out in a movie with some of the hottest men in porn. Alex tops the sexy Colton Grey in the third scene. One of Alex’s first times bottoming on camera can be seen in “Cruise Me Use Me” (Cockyboys), when Logan Moore gives him a primal pounding in the outdoors.

“Step Brothers” from Men is a hot, must-watch fantasy for anyone who ever found themselves a little too attracted to a new stepbrother. Alex isn’t really related to Colton Grey, after all, so the two stunning young men decide that it’s okay if they act on their forbidden lust for each other.

One of Alex’s newest scenes can be found in “Work it Up” from Falcon Studios. When Alam Wernik rips his pants at work, Alex is right there to make good use of the new opening. It’s easy to see why this is currently Alex’s most popular movie—the chemistry between these two is scorching and they’re both gorgeous.

In his personal life, Alex is mostly a top but admires the skill and body control that it takes to be a bottom. Versatility is one of Alex’s greatest strengths, and we love to watch him discover the freedom of acting on his desires in all of his performances.

Here are some of our viewers’ favorite Alex Mecum movies.

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