Czech Up 11

Czech Up 11Think the Saw films have got plenty of sequels? They ain’t got nothing on the Czech Up films. Director William Higgins seems to have made it his mission to consistently provide the best in medical-themed Czech porn and, unlike the Saw films, these aren’t movies you’ll want to look away from.

In “Czech Up 11,” the medical fantasy series continues with the same formula of ‘innocent young men receive rather more than they expected when visiting the randy doctor and his assistant male nurse.’ And, yes, I’ll restrain myself from using the ‘open wide’ analogy.

One of the big stars of this entry in the long-running series is Ondrej Sokol – who many will know in other films as Thomas Dyk. He’s easily one of the biggest stars ever to emerge from the Czech Republic, having come to prominence in the EuroCreme stable during the mid 2000s.

Ondrej was quickly signed to an exclusive EuroCreme contract shortly after emerging on the scene. He can be seen in some of their most popular films.

He’s got a smooth body, defined six-pack and thick 7-inch uncut cock that leaves no question as to his popularity. He also sports various tattoos and piercings including one in his chin.

Ondrej has two threeways in this film, which will undoubtedly get your attention in scenes one and three, but I think you’ll be hard pressed to find the two scenes he’s not in disappointing either.

If you’re a fan of the formula or smooth, ripped Czech boys, Czech Up delivers on both once again.

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