Dale Cooper

Dale CooperHere’s a guy with a look that suggests he’s just rolled out of bed — where he most definitely wasn’t sleeping — and would be happy to hop right back in there for more. His eyes and mouth speak of nights when you can’t sleep because you don’t want to miss a moment of pleasure. Dale Cooperhas a powerfully built body, but he’s not too bulky. Those abs are ripped, that ass is firm and rounded, and that curved cock is seven and a half inches long… his body is just built for fucking and being fucked.

As for the tattoos, they aren’t just picked out of a book of flash art from whatever tattoo parlor he happened to walk into. Dale played a lot of Ultima 4 as a kid and the tattoos are images taken from the game. Each iconic image stands for a different virtue, from love to truth, and so on. As you can see, he’s not your average porn star. His Twitter bio: “I am the boi your mother wanted you to meet, except I do gay porn.” It’s hard not to be swept away by a serious crush… so why even try to resist?

Dale has done some of his best scenes for Raging Stallion Studios. In Behind the Big Top, he spreads that bubble butt for James Jamesson. Alexander Garrett flip-fucks with Dale in Lowdown Dirty.

Randy Blue makes fabulous use of Dale’s beauty and sexual talent in Ass Sex in the City. Cockyboys’ The Haunting features him in three scenes, because who can resist double or triple helpings of such a tasty dish?

Dale is a porn star with a brain that’s just as impressive and sexy as his body, as you can tell by his columns for the Huffington Post and his interviews for various websites. The pieces of his writing and other snapshots of Dale’s life that we get from his website make it clear that this guy can more than hold his own in an intelligent conversation and probably has bookshelves full of thought-provoking reading material. His sketches are pretty cool, too. And yes, he did get that nom de porn from the Twin Peaks character Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Now two years into his career, Dale still has a lot to offer and we hope he’ll stick around to keep giving us more tastes of his versatility and almost unbelievable perfection. If you’ve never gotten to see him in action, here are three great ways to start.

Lowdown Dirty Ass Sex in the City The Haunting

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