Dante’s Sperm Inferno

Dante's Sperm InfernoThe Maverick Men found this hot teenager named Dante right in their neighborhood. Hmm. Sometimes the best talent is right under your nose… it gives you hope that the next great porn star might live next door. After Dante’s Sperm Inferno, don’t be surprised if you see more of this sexy boy.

Dante is bisexual and he tells the Mavericks that he used to watch their videos with his ex-girlfriend. His tall, lean, masculine body looks great on camera, and it’s fun to imagine some other cute bi guy out there watching Dante with his girlfriend and eventually deciding to start his own porn career. There must be plenty of other twinky boys out there who are inspired by the way Dante takes on two hot daddies in a bareback threeway!

Watching this video makes it clear that Dante is really into Hunter and Cole Maverick. It’s the way he yells, “Yes, Sir! Fuck that ass!” It’s the way he reacts to eating a man’s ass for the first time – this could turn out to be everybody’s favorite part of the video. Cole tells Dante to lick Hunter’s hairy asshole, but the teen says he doesn’t do that. When Cole informs him that now he does, Dante does as he’s told. This is a moment not to be missed from a sexy newbie we’d love to see again.

With his willingness to take on new sexual challenges and call his tops Sir, Dante could go far. Yeah, that’s right, the kid flipping you off on the box cover is actually a sub. That bisexual, teen-bottom-boy appeal is so captivating that people are bound to ask the Maverick Men to have him back for more. The Mavericks have already said they want to fuck Dante again, so let’s all make this video successful enough that it can happen!

Running Time:   43 minutes
Released:   05/2013
Studio Name:   MaverickMan22 Productions
Director:   Maverick Man
Stars:   Dante   Cole Maverick   The Maverick Men   Hunter “Maverick Man”
Categories: Amateur   New Release   Mature   Bareback   Anal

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