Devin Totter spreads otter awareness one scene at a time

devin totter, deviant otter, otter, muscle, gay, pornScruffy sex fiend Devin Totter has made it a long-term mission to spread otter awareness one picture, one dirty movie at a time, with his own Deviant Otter studio. We bless and thank him for this noble goal every time we watch one of these sizzling pornos.

Devin finds other hot young guys with lean, furry bodies and recruits them into depravity. Many of them are amateurs who have never fucked on camera before, and some of them are str8 guys who can’t resist the bait. In these movies, Devin is the veteran performer in front of the camera as well as the director. Deviant Otter is still a growing studio with about two dozen titles on our VOD theater. The most popular titles at the moment are on opposite ends of the spectrum: Stuffing a Redneck is all about introducing a hot country boy named Gauge to the pleasures of a dick up the ass, while Twink Breeding is Devin’s fan-request video of sex with a smooth young stripper from his boyfriend’s club.

deviant otter, devin totter, porn, gay, otter, muscle, leather, harness, fetishSometimes Devin finds new recruits while he’s on vacation, as seen in Big Dick Otter Breeding. While he was at the Island House in Key West for an event, he spent the whole weekend making eyes at an otter who was obviously interested. On the last day of the event, Devin finally approached the stud and fucked him in an unplanned but undeniably smoking hot scene. The anonymous otter even asked for Devin to take the condom off and breed his greedy ass!

Versatile Devin doesn’t only want his co-stars to have all the cock to themselves. Eli Hunter, a gay-for-pay stud whom Devin had admired in other movies and worked with in some web-only scenes, fucks his ass raw in Barebacking a Straight Guy. Then Devin’s longtime crush on porn superstar Tommy Defendi is consummated in one of the studio’s most viewed movies, Obsessed with Tommy D. Devin is the lucky recipient of a deep dicking from the well-endowed stud, and the experience surpasses even Devin’s hottest daydreams!

You might say that Devin is a DIY porn mogul. He’s devoted his whole porn career to Deviant Otter, as all 20 of his appearances (and counting) are in his own movies.

Here are five of our viewers’ Devin Totter favorites.


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