Dick-Fill-ABy now, if you haven’t heard about the Chick-fil-A drama, then either you haven’t been paying attention or you might just live outside the U.S. As a response to the popular fast food chicken joint’s support of anti-gay groups, ThreshHold Media jumped at the chance to make a cheeky nod to the controversy with a lighthearted, fresh, piping hot gay porno called Dick-Fill-A. They even chose to set it in Atlanta, home of Chick-fil-A.

Order up an extra large or maybe an order of “ass fries” with extra salty special sauce at Dick-Fill-A’s drive-thru window like the southern gentleman who does the same thing at the beginning of every scene. You won’t be disappointed and the service is always impeccable – by the end of the movie, that customer has been in the drive-thru four times already and this time he’s come back around to see if he can order something off the menu from that helpful and sweet guy we hear taking his order. This meat doesn’t taste much like chicken but it’s infinitely more satisfying and no one will judge you for it.

The first two scenes and the last one feature hot young guys making out on a couch before moving on to a long and delicious blowjob that leads to fucking. In scene three, two of a guy’s friends catch him masturbating to something on his phone, and they give him their cocks to suck and ride in a threeway rather than wasting his “milkshake.” These four scenes are not fancy but they’re pretty filling and they can be tasty, like what you get at the drive-thru. The best part is that you can enjoy Dick-Fill-A with no lingering sense of remorse!

Stars:   Sam Tyson   J.R.   Austin Dallas   Danny McCoy   Sean Dean   Brian Walker   Holden Kercher   Mike King   Johnny Hunger
Categories: New Release   Twink   Bareback   Anal   High Definition
Running Time:   87 minutes
Released:   09/2012
Studio Name:   Factory Video Productions  Threshhold Media
Director:   Viper  Trey Fulton

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