Dick Pig

Dick PigFor a 50-minute, three-scene feature, “Dick Pig” sure knows how to pack a punch. The creation of bareback-friendly studio St. Louis Boy Toyz, it follows much the same format as the company’s other regularly released and well-marketed films, which show that amateur performers can be some of the hottest of all.

The studio has done incredibly well with its tube previews, with plenty of interest in the full features themselves that follow the hot clips of the mainly twink stars in delicious bareback action.

This particular film is no exception to the awesome hardcore content we’ve seen from St. Louis Boy Toyz before – complete with some very handsome and highly-skilled, yet amateur twink performers who live up to the word “pig” in the movie’s title.

Threeway encounters are the order of the day for “Dick Pig” – and boy are the bottom boys hungry. The double penetration action and juicy creampie in scene two is going to make it a highlight for fetish twink fans.

The handsome collection of twinks in scene three make for another boner-inducing combination – definitely one not to be missed either.

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