Dicktators 4: Ass Demolition

This fourth installment in the Dicktators series from Black Rayne Productions is a must-see for interracial and black porn fans, especially those who like it raw.


Antonio Biaggi is the one Latino in a star-studded Black cast that also includes Storm, Smoke, Addiction, and others. These are some of the biggest dicks you’ll find on the Black Rayne Productions team and they’re bringing the heat hard and deep in six scenes that will make your cock jump for joy. Whether it’s the muscular-assed bottom boy riding cowgirl style and getting pounded doggy style in scene one, Antonio’s hot interracial one-on-ones in scenes four and six, or the four-man orgy (Romance, Knight, Storm, and Phoenix) in scene five, you will find at least one fuck here that’ll get you going – more likely several, if not all.


JRL Award-winning director Que Santiago is behind the camera. There’s no need for talking or gimmicks when you’ve got so many fine pieces of ass and tops who know how to fuck them. It’s more than two hours of bareback thug porn done in Black Rayne’s no-frills-just-fuck style!


Stars:   Antonio Biaggi   Mr. Pipe ‘Em   Addiction   Romance   Cocky Boi   Smoke   Phoenix (m)   Roman   Storm (m)   Kai   Knight   Drew Vergas   Storm (Black Rayne)

Categories: Black   New Release   Bareback   Anal   Thug

Running Time: 141 minutes

Released: 03/2012

Studio Name:   Black Rayne Productions

Series:   Dicktators

Director:   Que

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