Dirk Yates’ Hot Military Muscles

Dirk Yates logoMasturbatory fantasies come to life in Dirk Yates’ arsenal of addictive military man-on-man sex flicks. For more than 25 years, this studio has been bringing fans film after film of military muscles flexing; being stroked and sucked to ecstasy. Viewers can’t resist bunking up with these hot marines who most definitely are The Few, The Proud, The Naked.

When news channel CNN reported in 1993 that Camp Pendleton marines had appeared in Dirk Yates’ Private Collection videos, the director became a household name in the US and the videos flew off video store shelves in those pre-Internet porn days. Dirk channeled this notoriety into funding for a porn studio that he named All Worlds Video. He was still shooting active duty military guys, but he was able to upgrade from the amateur setup to big budget productions that made those amateur studs into porn superstars. In 2006 Channel 1 Releasing bought All Worlds Video, which still distributes Dirk Yates’ videos.

Over the years, there has been a lot of “lost” Dirk Yates footage that we’ve never been privileged enough to see. In March of this year Dirk uploaded the heavy artillery, opening his Private Files and giving us access to the most intimate, raw footage that the world was never supposed to see. Some of these guys were never seen in porn again, but all that matters is that they’re here and they’re hot. See everything from some sexy solos to an all-out orgy. Then in May 2012, Dirk brought us Private Files 2, which includes even more of a great thing, starting off strong with a hot bathroom orgy complete with gloryhole action.

In the latest installment of the utterly delicious Anchors Aweigh series, Dirk has found the hottest sailors, invited them to use their shore leave for some time in front of his camera, and discovered that they are one sexy crew of seamen!

Sometimes Dirk likes taking field trips off the military bases and onto college campuses, where he finds plenty of fresh fratboy meat willing to strip and frolic for his camera. His Dirk Yates College Cocks series is still unmistakably still true to his style, with good-looking and exhibitionistic amateur guys performing some extracurricular activities. The str8 bait in the latest installment, College Cocks 5, is particularly tasty!

Whatever branch of the military is your favorite, chances are you’ll find it represented somewhere in the impressively vast vaults of Dirk Yates!

           Private Files 2      College Cocks 5      Locked Cocked and Ready to Rock

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