Do You Take It?

Do You Take It?Bel Ami asks the question on the mind of every top: Do You Take It?

Harris Hilton is one of the best bottoms around, so he isn’t often asked to top. On this occasion, the camera crew asked him to give it to hot little Andre Boleyn, whose pliable asshole unquestionably answers the question in the affirmative.

Billy Cotton and Jaco Van Sant spend a lovely afternoon in the sun during the second scene. These two blond twinks look so tasty together. You can easily imagine yourself in Billy’s place as he pounds away at Jaco’s petite ass!

Alex Orioli and Todd Rosset are two of Bel Ami’s returning talent, and both of them are good for a cum-splashing time for the viewer. They team up on Andre, returning from scene one, and they give him a spit-roasting threeway to remember. First it’s Alex and Todd fucking Andre, then Todd gets his hole plowed for a while before the focus is back on Andre’s hungry hole.

Dario Dolce, Adam Archuleta, and Billy from scene two follow that threesome with another one, and it’s just as much of a must-see for every group sex lover.

Bel Ami ends the movie with a scene that gives new meaning to “the perks of the job.” Jim Collins works at  Bel Ami’s Bratislava studio as an archive assistant. That means he normally spends his days with tapes, catalogs, and paperwork, but because he’s such a babe, he sometimes gets to moonlight as a performer. He has a great time with Andre, who really is the slut of the day with a third dick-hungry performance.

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Running Time:   89 minutes
Released:   09/2013
Studio Name:   Bel Ami
Director:   George Duroy
Stars:   Adam Archuleta   Billy Cotton   Jaco Van Sant   Jim Collins   Andre Boleyn   Harris Hilton   Alex Orioli   Dario Dolce   Todd Rosset
Categories: Amateur   New Release   Euro   International   Twink   Anal   Uncut   Safe Sex   High Definition

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