Dominik Rider, Perfect Pig Bottom

Dominik RiderLatino cutie Dominik Rider began his career in the adult industry as a go-go dancer but soon set his sights on adult movies. He’s a natural pig bottom with an innate sexual hunger that makes him ideal for gay porn.

For a few years, Dominik did web scenes under the name Speed. Under the name Andy Briggs, Dominik made his first studio movie in 2005, a safe sex fuck flick called Beyond Perfect for Buckshot Productions and COLT Studio Group. That’s right: one of gay porn’s most notorious bareback bottoms got his big start in a safe sex movie!

Since then, our favorite pig has changed his porn name to Dominik Rider, equally reflecting his Latin heritage and his love of riding cock. Dominik can be seen in more than a hundred films.

Recently, Dominik has been doing a lot of must-see scenes for Slut Machine, most recently in the brand-new release 3 Hours of 3 Ways, a sexual extravaganza so awesome that it needs a part two. His most popular movie at the moment is Slut Machine’s Breeding Boy Cunts, a truly hot movie that’s perfect for all of you DILF lovers and muscle fans out there. Dominik looks sexy in his mohawk and has a great time bouncing up and down on a hard cock, as always.

Dominik always seems to have an especially great fuck when it’s Sage Daniels in the scene with him. The two Latin studs have fucked onscreen more than half a dozen times, including a flip-fuck in Bareback Birthday Weekend from Ransom Video. In a somewhat uncommon show of dominance for Dominik, he is one of several tops having their way with Sage’s fine ass in Breeding Sage Daniels from Ricky Raunch. Sometimes Dominik just wants to give his ass to Sage without flip-flopping, however, as you can see to balls-draining effect in Sage’s Bareback Weekend from Dirty Dawg Productions – that’s the happy duo on the box cover. Look at that smirk on Dominik’s face! You’d look that way too, if you were getting fucked by Sage Daniels.

Although Dominik is known more for all-sex movies, he’s done some big feature films such as the blockbuster Bareback for Dark Alley Media. This controversial hit was reissued two years later in an uncut release, with more than an hour of extra bareback footage, titled Gaytanamo: Raw.

A Sagittarius, Dominik loves traveling and meeting new fans, and is thankful for the opportunities the industry has provided him. This is one passionate performer who gives more than 100% to any scene he is in – here are some of our favorites.

Breeding Dominik Rider Breeding Boy Cunts Phat Ass Bottoms

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