Don’t Ask, Just Fuck

Don't Ask, Just FuckYou want to get to know the men who will be the faces of Raging Stallion Studios for all of 2011, don’t you? If so, then you’ll want to have a look at “Don’t Ask, Just Fuck,” a Monster Bang release. Here are the studio’s six brand new exclusive performers alongside one existing Raging Stallion stud. Actually, word has it Raging Stallion liked the six newbies so much that they handed all of them exclusive contracts based on the strength of their fucking in this movie alone.

Cute Tommy Defendi is jerking off to a straight porn magazine when he seems to become fascinated with his own hard-on, examining it as if he’s never seen his own erection before. If it weren’t for his beard and mustache, Tommy would have a baby face. When freckled muscle-stud Rusty Stevens walks in on Tommy jerking off, not a word is exchanged as Rusty starts blowing Tommy. Tommy gets a good long taste of Rusty’s cock before licking his asshole to get it ready for fucking. It’s a turn-on to see this young performer turn into such a commanding top before your eyes. With a mighty yell, he shoots a load so far that you see Rusty involuntarily flinch as it flies toward his face.

The appropriately named Girth Brooks is a sergeant who meets Private Jake Tyler in the middle of the night while going for a piss. Girth starts talking about a hot girl he met the previous week who gave an incredible blowjob, but the way he keeps touching his stiffening dick makes it clear he’ll take the same kind of oral attention from Jake. Jake is glad to service his superior officer and to open his asshole for him!

While Chris Porter is going over Kennedy Carter’s already close-cropped red hair with clippers, Kennedy explains what his many tattoos mean. Chris, who is also tattooed, reaches down Kennedy’s pants while asking what the one right above the belt line means, which is about as smooth and subtle a move as stretching and putting your arm around somebody in a movie theatre, but it literally gets him into Kennedy’s pants. If you like young guys who are leaner but still well-built, this is the scene for you.

Muscular Angelo Marconi, the one guy in the movie who was already a Raging Stallion exclusive, is having a smoke when dark and delicious D.O. (seen on the box cover) walks in. They share the cigarette, which gets particularly sexy when Angelo shotguns it into D.O.’s mouth and kisses him. Angelo sucks D.O.’s cock first, and there’s something deeply arousing about the movement of D.O.’s sculpted abs, framed by his open shirt and dog tags, that you need to see. D.O. hungrily gobbles Angelo’s cock and then fucks his mouth, his ass cheeks two perfect bubbles in motion. He bends Angelo over to rim him and give him a powerful fuck that’s not too fast, not too slow – it’s just right, like his gorgeous face and body. D.O. is a real find for RSS, definitely this writer’s favorite of all the new performers.

As we can assume from “Don’t Ask, Just Fuck,” in a post-“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military, asking is still frowned upon in some quarters. It’s just that now the question has changed. You’ll love the answer!

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