eBay listing: “My Anal Virginity”

UPDATE: While the listing has unfortunately been removed from eBay (Did someone actually ‘fess up the money? Is Jake living his own Brokeback Mountain dreams? Or is he still searching for a hombre to call home? Gosh – it’s like a soap opera that ABC would cancel!) we hope Jake finds another way to raise money for the Komen charities….I mean, he sure does have a purdy mouth…


Here at AEBN, we love a good deal.  And we love donating to charity.  We just can’t quite figure out where this one fits in.

Hello…My name is Jake Olson (Pictured)….I’m a heterosexual male from Tekamah, Nebraska…..And I’m prepared to take one in the ass for breast cancer research…..LITERALLY! The winning bidder can take my anal virginity….Please message me for length and girth restrictions…..And there is a 20 stroke maximum….Unless of course I end up liking it….In which case I’ll scream…”GO TO TOWN HOMBRE!”

The winning bidder is responsible for all travel expenses to and from Tekamah, Nebraska where I live, as well as any medical expenses that may be required to return me to a proper state of mental and physical health after the purchased violation….The winner must be disease free (certification from a qualified MD will be required) and wear ample protection….Lube will be also be required….And absolutly NO MISSIONARY….The violation must happen from behind….Preferably bent over something stable like a counter top…Or a giant boulder.

Thank you…And Good Luck Bidding!

We wish you the best of luck, Jake.  It’s a noble cause you’re working toward, and a hefty price tag.  We hope you find your hombre.

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