ExplosiveFour of today’s sexiest power bottoms, three masterful tops, and a set that only a leatherman could envision – these are just some of the things that make Explosive from Raging Stallion a rugged masterpiece of manly sexuality. Director Bruno Bond lets the natural chemistry of these hot men do most of the work and he’s just recording the “Explosive” action that results.

Gorgeous Marc Dylan and muscular, hairy RS Exclusive Adam Champ start taking off each other’s clothes. Marc wastes no time going down on Adam’s fat, uncut cock. Adam responds with copious amounts of spit on Marc’s asshole to get him nicely lubed for the dick onslaught. Marc moans and groans in pleasure and pain as Adam stretches him open. Finally they jerk out their huge loads together.

Alexander Garrett strips out of his cowboy get-up and Jessie Colter loses his motorcycle gear not long into their scene. Soon Jessie is hungrily sucking Alexander’s big dick like it’s his last meal. When Alexander starts ramming gorgeous Jessie’s fuck hole, we’re reminded that Jessie is one of the most vocal bottoms around. His loud screams of pleasure are real and add spice to what was always going to be a hot scene. Pistoning in and out of Jessie’s ass, Alexander almost seems possessed by carnal need. He makes Jessie blow like a volcano and  adds his voluminous load to the spunk covering Jessie’s belly.

RS Exclusives Adam Champ and Derek Parker are paired up in scene three. Derek is a brawny power bottom who can withstand a lot, even the pounding that Adam and his huge rectal reamer can deliver. They suck face and Adam almost suffocates greedy Derek by tea-bagging him with his balls full of cum just waiting to burst forth… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Derek wants to take everything Adam throws at (or into) him, even asking for it harder. Adam obliges with a power fuck that could destroy a lesser bottom than Derek. Eventually they’re both ready to pop and they jerk their huge cocks until their loads explode.

Fiery Angelo Marconi is another power bottom who likes ordering his top around and taking off his clothes for him. Studly, hugely built Fabio Stallone doesn’t mind it when Angelo tops from the bottom. Angelo swallows that uncut Italian sausage, deep-throating it and seeming to slam his face right into it. All the while, his ready hole eagerly awaits attention from Fabio’s tongue and especially his dick. Even the experienced Angelo has to brace himself against Fabio’s aggressive thrusts, but he loves it rough and thoroughly enjoys this massive meat that would terrify most men. Angelo cums and cums, and Fabio’s right there afterward to add his own spunk to the mix.

Explosive gives a whole new meaning to “fire in the hole.” If you don’t cum like a comet while watching it, we’ll be shocked!

Stars:   Derek Parker   Adam Champ   Angelo Marconi   Fabio Stallone   Marc Dylan   Alexander Garrett   Jessie Colter
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   98 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Bruno Bond

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