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Falcon StudiosSan Francisco-based Falcon Studios celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2011, and what a landmark year it has been for this iconic company. After decades of releasing movies that set the standard for quality in gay porn and becoming arguably the most recognized brand in the industry, Falcon has joined forces with the equally huge Raging Stallion Studios. AEBN announced in December 2010 that it had bought Falcon and would merge it with Raging Stallion, already in its stable, thereby creating the single largest all male erotic production company in the world. Raging Stallion chief Chris Ward heads up the combined studio, while Falcon Studios President James Hansen has stayed on as Chief Financial Officer. Each of the Falcon and Raging Stallion brands will retain their own look and feel.

In its history, Falcon has been more than a studio – it’s a multimedia entertainment empire with products ranging from big budget films to a full line of realistic Supercocks molded from their exclusive models. Through their family of companies, they have produced more big name stars and directors than any other company.

Some of Falcon’s exclusive models are the unbelievably gorgeous Roman Heart, the chisel-jawed Landon Conrad, and the newly signed Heath Jordan and Donny Wright. Combined, the list of exclusives, former exclusives, and stars that have worked with Falcon reads like a who’s who of gay porn, including stars like Pierre Fitch, Adam Killian, Mason Wyler, Arpad Miklos… and on and on.

Equally impressive is the number of directors associated with Falcon. Chi Chi LaRue, John Rutherford, and Steven Scarborough all made movies at Falcon and all went on to mount their own successful studios. Other notable directors include Chris Steele, Chad Donovan, and Matt Sterling. With such a plethora of talent both in front of and behind the lens, it’s no wonder Falcon has something for everyone.

Since 1971, Falcon Studios has evolved beyond the main studio line. Apart from the main Falcon brand, which includes hits like its classic Other Side of Aspen series and “greatest hits” compilations such as “The Best of Matthew Rush,” they have expanded to offer specialized labels for fans of different porn niches.

Jocks Studios is Falcon’s amateur line. Featuring movies like “Parker’s Mirage” and the Roadtrip series, their focus is on the younger models. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Mustang, whose films like “Man Up” and the acclaimed “Darkroom” feature more hardcore, older models who aren’t afraid to show body hair, get decked out in leather, and explore Falcon’s kinkier side. The Falcon International Collection films in Europe with a focus on European models in such titles as the Czech Tales series and “Cyber Games,” but this sub-studio is less active than the others. Falcon Str8men lets fans experience the fantasy of straight guys who like to show off their big cocks for other men.

While giving us countless hours of enjoyment with their movies, Falcon has also made sure to give back to the community. They’re known for donating a portion of their annual profits to organizations promoting AIDS research, human rights, the gay and lesbian community, and child protection. Falcon exclusive performers will often make appearances in support of various charities.

Falcon is set to continue setting the standard for gay porn, and now that it has combined forces with Raging Stallion, there seems to be no limit to the possibilities.

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