Featured Director: Dink Flamingo

Double Time 10No other director working in gay porn does hot military action like Dink Flamingo does it. You always get a sense that he builds a rapport with the straight or bi or perhaps bi-curious soldiers that he recruits for the highly reality-based porn he makes for his own Active Duty studio. Dink clearly has what it takes to turn these straight soldiers into cum hungry, cock loving sluts.

Dink’s movies are often about the tease, the building up of sexual energy from interviewing nervous but keen first-timers and pitting them against his personal favorite repeat-performer studs. Even when his flicks have more to do with jerking off or blowjobs than with anal sex, that doesn’t mean you don’t get plenty of erotic release from a Dink Flamingo movie!

It seems that Dink also has found the secret to a hot scene between two straight guys fucking. They have to be open-minded (obviously), they have to have the right chemistry and they both have to look good naked next to each other. You certainly don’t want it to seem like the guys are counting the seconds till it’s over. Dink is known for putting these guys in a simple hotel room and talking to them before the scene, not just to hear them talk about naughty escapades from their pasts but also, you get the sense, to calm their nerves before the action. He doesn’t need gimmicks or circus-act sex to make it hot, especially with guys who are this naturally good-looking and sexy.

The guys in Dink’s movies are all soldiers and they practically reek of testosterone and military barracks. This is the next best thing to seducing a straight soldier and taking him home yourself. Thanks, Dink Flamingo, for making movies that keep up the fantasy!

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