Featured Director/Star: Chris Ward

Punishment ChamberPorn star turned director Chris Ward became one of the most influential people in the gay adult industry when he and director J.D. Slater co-founded Raging Stallion Studios in 1999. Today, Chris is mainly known for directing more than a hundred blockbuster Raging Stallion features. In 2009, he directed or co-directed two massively popular and acclaimed series: the stylish Focus-Refocus and the cowboy epic To the Last Man. Although it’s been a few years since he last stepped in front of a camera, Chris was always a powerful performer, starting his career in 1997. Before founding Raging Stallion, Chris made a name for himself on the sets of Hot House Entertainment and Falcon Studios. His final performance was in Raging Stallion’s 2004 release “Punishment Chamber,” directed by J.D. Slater. Two years later, Chris gave us a look behind the scenes of Raging Stallion Studios in the porn documentary feature “Paradise Exposed.”

Most recently, Chris helmed the aptly named “This Will Hurt,” an intense fetish feast for the eyes that teases and torments your libido for over 90 minutes. We’re also excited to see what Chris will do with the upcoming sixth installment of the classic Falcon series, The Other Side of Aspen. These snowbound adventures have been a part of the gay porn world since 1979 and part six promises to bring just as much erotic excitement.

In case you haven’t heard, Chris took on the major task of heading both Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios in December 2010, when parent company AEBN merged them into the world’s largest all-male adult studio. Combining Falcon’s legacy and Raging Stallion’s notorious hard edge, it should prove to be one powerful new force to be reckoned with in gay porn! Being the boss of this mega-studio keeps Chris busy, but he always finds time to enjoy the fruits of his labor with friends and family.

Arabesque To the Last Man: The Gathering Storm Focus Scene 1 This Will Hurt The Other Side of Aspen 5

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