Featured Movie: Battleground 2

Battleground 2

Battleground 2

There is something very sexy and intriguing about military men. They are at the pentacle of fitness, discipline and comradery with their fellow soldiers. Active Duty has found a way to bring these guys together for some hot R&R and some good ole fashion sex. Battleground 2 is the perfect example of what Active Duty does best… matching up amazing, almost innocent military men that enjoy each others company a little more than most.

Battleground 2 exceeded all of my expectations. I love getting into some Str8 Bait action but it usually feels a little scripted and the guys disconnected. Not the case here. We start off with Niko and Gannon telling us a little more about themselves. Perfectly matched, these two bring some major chemistry to the table and are completely versatile. It all starts with some dick sucking back and forth to get things going. You can tell these two are really into each other and are stripped naked in a minute. Also enjoy these guys while they take turns rimming each other and both of them taking cock like a champ. But it’s not only the sex that is amazing with these two. Their chemistry jumps off the screen.

So you’ve all seen that guy walking down the street and you just know… he is all about the pussy and there’s no chance in hell. Well here we meet Cruz which is that guy. Tattooed, masculine with all American looks, you can’t help but go crazy over him. Niko, once again, is the lucky guy that gets to enjoy Cruz better and there is no doubt he takes full advantage. Niko does not hesitate to take Cruz’s hung cock in his mouth and then straight up his ass like he was born for it. As things heat up, Cruz has got to get in on that action and totally opens up for Niko and takes that dick like a professional. With that perfectly tight straight hole, you can tell that his might not be his first time as he comes to an explosive finish with Niko’s help. These two are simply amazing together. A DO NOT MISS!

To wrap this feature up, Gannon gets personal and takes some time to unwind in the shower, showing off his sexy, tight, tattooed body for all of us to enjoy. Worked up after his shower, we get a special treat with Gannon and his favorite sexy toy… which is a healthy sized dildo. Don’t miss this sexy fucker riding that big dick and busting his final load of the day.

Battleground 2 - Niko and Gannon

Battleground 2 – Niko and Gannon

Battleground 2 - Niko and Cruz

Battleground 2 – Niko and Cruz