Featured Movie: Clusterfuck



Raging Stallion brings us Clusterfuck which is an all star cast of men that are pumped and primed for some of the hottest action yet. Through the eyes of legendary director Steve Cruz, we are treated to these alpha males going at it like it’s the last fuck of their lives.

Right out of the gate, we are treated to an orgy of muscles, cock and fine asses as the guys get together for a four man orgy that is smoking hot. Hunky Derek Atlas puts Dario Beck through the ringer and shows what it’s like when two real men get together. Dario has no problem taking all of of Atlas’s meaty dick with his greedy, hairy ass. At the same time, new comer and everyone’s favorite Sebastian Kross lays into David Benjamin and shows him that a young man can keep up with the seasoned bottoms. Check it out and you will see exactly how amazing he is doing what he does best… fucking hot man ass.

After this initial ClusterFuck, the guys find their groove and pair off to get down to some serious sucking and fucking. Derek Atlas is the winner of this scene by being rewarded with a romp with the very popular bottom boy Duncan Black. He’s got Duncan grinning ear to ear while getting his ass fucked and you can see Black can’t get enough. See the bliss on his face as Atlas blows his load and Black eagerly gobbles it up.

We then return to some hot flexing and buildup with Sebastian Kross and Dario Beck. Kross flexes his ripped muscles and teases Beck with his perfect young hung cock until he can’t take it any longer and fucks Beck’s face like it’s the last blowjob on earth and Beck is starving for the meat. These guys have a raw chemistry and we are glad they do. Watching the youthful Kross fuck Beck’s willing ass is too hot to handle. What a great sight to see Kross really showing what a young buck can do to a willing and able man hole.

We can’t forget about power bottom David Benjamin and his insatiable ass. Raging Stallion was kind enough to match him with super hung and horny Jessy Karson for a real dicking down. This is hardcore aggression on both fronts and makes for some intense action. After Karson shows us how hung he is by sucking on his own uncut hog, he sinks all 10 inches into Benjamin in one push and then just goes to town fucking his open hole. Karson can’t hold out any longer and blows one of the largest loads of cum I’ve ever seen all over the face of Benjamin. This is a scene of pure unbridled lust between two of the most over sexed studs out there.

Clusterfuck - David Benjamin & Sebastian Kross

Clusterfuck – David Benjamin & Sebastian Kross

Clusterfuck - Derek Atlas & Duncan Black

Clusterfuck – Derek Atlas & Duncan Black