Featured Movie: Harder Daddy

Harder Daddy

Harder Daddy

There’s no secret that the younger men out there are really into their daddies and we are lucky to have them. And nothing gets a hot daddy going more than an eager young twink that is willing to do what it takes to make daddy happy. Dads Fucking Lads really shows us these dynamics in Harder Daddy. Featuring your favorite daddies with the freshest twinks… this title will have you beating off to your perverted intergenerational fantasies in no time.

Harder Daddy waste no time getting right to the point of the matter at hand. In the very first scene, gay porn superstar Rocco Steele pairs up with super twink Aaron Aurora. Aurora is no stranger to massive insertions which is good because Steele really does a number on that twinks little pink pucker. Switching from position to position, you can see that this is reaching new limits for them both. Aurora starts out slow to accommodate Steele’s massive member and Steele looks amazed as Aurora takes every bit… inch by inch. In a scene that almost looks computer generated watching Steele’s huge cock nail that little ass, Aurora can’t take it any longer and is pushed to cum by the skilled daddy.

We also get a chance to see the dynamics between the veteran daddy Dolan Wolf with the perfect little Kamyk Walker. These two look amazing together and seem to be a natural fit. Wolf provides a more gentle direction with Walker than translates into one hell of a hot fucking session. This is both intense and intimate and you can really see that Walker’s made for taking some hot daddy dick and loves ever second.

Finally, we have the pleasure of the always hunky and hung Dirk Caber with a very innocent looking Jack Green. Green lives for the daddy dick and you can see it in his eyes when Caber pulls out his cum heavy cock for Green to service. And he is glad to go down on that hog no questions asked! These two steam up the screen with not only their oral skills, but watch as Green totally takes Caber’s cock like the hungry bottom that he is. These two will leave you weak in the knees and trying to catch your breath as you bust a nut right along with them.

Rocco Steele and Aaron Aurora - Harder Daddy

Rocco Steele and Aaron Aurora – Harder Daddy

Dolan Wolf and Kamyk Walker - Harder Daddy

Dolan Wolf and Kamyk Walker – Harder Daddy