Featured Movie Keller’ed


Keller’ed [kel-erd]; verb: 1. To have a wildly satisfying sexual encounter with Colby Keller. 2. To be fucked mercilessly by a hot man with a big penis.

Knowing Colby Keller’s work, that sounds spot on to me!

CockyBoys Director Jake Jaxson couldn’t have said it better… “Whenever we tell our models that we’re thinking of pairing them with Colby Keller, their eyes widen, they smile and their holes twitch just so–their words, not mine!”

Keller’ed brings it all to the table. First off, Colby Keller isn’t just a porn star… he is a force of nature. Embodying rugged looks, friendly charm and a passion that can’t be match, this is a stud in every way possible. Dillon Rossi and Seth Santoro step up to take his Keller’s perfect cock… and both receive facials that can only be described as copious and simply amazing. Scenes that you can not miss!

But don’t let Keller’s skills as a top fool you. He can take it as good as he can dish it out. Tayte Hanson and Keller’s flip fuck makes you want to jump right in the middle of all that man on man action. Not to be outdone, Gabriel Lenfant shows Colby Keller that there’s more than enough to go around for both as they switch back and forth in one of the hottest scenes of the year.