Featured Movie: On The Lookout

On The Lookout

On The Lookout



NakedSword brings us yet another vision of lust and longing from the famed Director Mr. Pam in this hot, sexy and beautiful to watch title On The Lookout.

Not wasting a moment’s time, Sebastian Kross is out on his balcony and sees exactly what he wants. With his rock-hard body, ample cock and classic good looks, he draws Killian James into his trap of seduction leading up to one hot and steamy duo. James wastes no time devouring Kross… kissing, sucking and rimming him, showing Kross how a muscle-bound stud should be treated. After being serviced properly, Kross returns the favor and samples James’s cock and hole and readies him for a hard fucking. James is perfectly suited for Kross’s big, hard cock and takes it up his ass like he was born for it. We are treated to some amazing shots and close ups as these two young bucks go at it, eventually with Kross fucking James’s load right out of him. Always the greedy bottom, James’s is happy to finish off Kross with a cum coated facial followed by some spunk-swapping kissing.

Next Adam Ramzi is hit up by Logan Moore for some quality man on man time. Never one to miss an opportunity, Ramzi gladly rises to the occasion. These two men are perfectly matched together and almost look like brothers as they kiss, rim and suck each other to raging hard erections. Ramzi and Moore take turns flipping and fuck each other in an erotic show of lust and passion that is rarely captured. These guys go at it 50/50… the perfect fit for both.

San Francisco is a wonderful place… to pick up guys! And Austin Keyes is looking for trouble and he finds that on the street below with the beautiful Bray Love. In my opinion, Love is the hottest up and coming bottom boy out there and for good reason. Keyes towers above little Love and the dynamics is smoking! Love truly enjoys sucking Keyes hot cock and is amazing in his role as a cock loving bottom. Seduced, horny and needing the feel of a big dick deep inside, Love sits on Keyes cock like he’s taken that cock every day of his life. Keyes takes full advantage and fucks little Love in every position possible leading up some both blowing their heavy cum loads all over each other.

Finally, Mike De Marco is out for a stroll and catches sexy Jason Maddox jacking off in the window of his apartment. With a flick of Maddox’s head to come over, De Marco is ready to get it on and Maddox does not disappoint. After working over De Marco’s cock and getting him horned up and ready, De Marco can’t help but give Maddox a taste of that hairy hole. That rim job really did the trick and Maddox takes advantage of the opportunity and fucks De Marco long and hard in every position possible. The final position has De Marco on his shoulders with Maddox fucking him standing up! Beautiful sight to behold for sure and obviously a very stimulating situation that leaves both of these studs spent and breathless.

On The Lookout - Sebastian Kross and Killian James

On The Lookout – Sebastian Kross and Killian James

On The Lookout - Bray Love and Austin Keyes

On The Lookout – Bray Love and Austin Keyes