Featured Movie: Schoolboy Fantasies 2

Schoolboy Fantasies 2

Schoolboy Fantasies 2

We all know that anytime there is a group of young men together for an extended amount of time, there is always trouble. Schoolboy Fantasies 2 is an excellent reminder of this and maybe some of your own shenanigans earlier in life. Directed by award winning Nica Noelle, which delivers not only smoking hot action with the industries top stars, but we are treated to a well acted storyline that is not common in the adult industry any longer.

In the first scene, little bottom boy Ian Levine is being bullied and he talks about it with the always hunky Connor Maguire. Levine, being one of the sexiest bottoms out there, ends up seduced by the more mature Maguire in what can be described as a full on love scene. These two are amazing together and bring out a natural connection that is refreshing. The sex is intense and sensual… and you can see at the end that Levine’s worries are put in perspective.

Next, power bottom and rising star J.D. Phoenix has a dream about the Dean of the school, hung daddy Dirk Caber. He must have a guilty conscious because Caber walks into his room and proceeds to spank Phoenix in his tighty whities and then bare assed. After some boy sucking cock and daddy eating ass, they get down to the goody and Caber really gives it to Phoenix in his little red ass. Inevitably both blow huge loads in this ultimate daddy/boy fantasy.

The popular Brandon Wilde steps into the next scene to confront his mom’s deadbeat boyfriend Theo Ford. After some heated discussion, we start to find out why the mother keeps the boyfriend around. Ford shows Wylde why he is the authority and you can see that Wylde can do nothing but comply. Ford fucks Wylde in every position imaginable and blows a huge load on Wylde’s perfect ass in the end. I bet he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

J.D. Phoenix isn’t finished just yet. The rough Jesse Santana is determined to teach the cocky Phoenix a lesson in respect. But bad ass Phoenix isn’t having it! Before long Phoenix, the worlds sexiest bottom, is fucking Santana! I guess there is a lesson for them both to learn in this scene and Santana takes it like a pro and looks amazing doing it. These two work the loads out of each other in a passionate and sexy ending to an excellent title that will leave you wanting to confess your Schoolboy Fantasies.


Ian Levine and Connor Maguire - Schoolboy Fantasies 2

Ian Levine and Connor Maguire – Schoolboy Fantasies 2

J.D. Phoenix and Dirk Caber - Schoolboy Fantasies 2

J.D. Phoenix and Dirk Caber – Schoolboy Fantasies 2