Featured Movie: Serviced 11

Serviced 11

Serviced 11

Chaosmen has never been short on providing the most erotic content and Serviced 11 is no exception to the rule. Finding the hottest guys around that shoot the biggest loads… Serviced 11 is sure to please even the most professional cock sucker out there. We can all dream big about finding these questioning guys out there, open to receive the proper servicing they deserve. With 10 scenes of the most amazing oral action, Serviced 11 will keep you busy and spent for days to come. Here are just a few of the highlights you will enjoy.

In scene one, fresh face Kirk is ready to kick back and let his buddy take control of his perfect cock. Looking like a freshman on a casual Saturday afternoon, Kirk is worked up slowly to a full erection and his buddy takes his time to enjoy all parts of his sexy buddy. With a little influencing, Kirk loosens up and makes out with his friend while opening up his tight hole just a bit to enjoy some light anal play while he continues to get his beautiful cock serviced. The roles eventually melt away as our questioning subject allows a dildo to be inserted into his virgin hole and then rolls over and starts blowing his cock hungry buddy. Both guys find themselves on the receiving end of that double headed toy, fucking themselves so they hit that sweet spot inside. Before long the blow buddy can’t take it any longer and has to get off and that’s exactly what he does… in the waiting mouth of his sexy friend. The taste of his buddy’s load, combined with the stimulation of a butt plug in his ass, has Kirk ready to get off himself and he returns the favor and feeds his load to suck buddy Kirk while still jacking his hard cock. This load is too much for him to swallow it all and they wrap their encounter up with a nice cum swapping kiss.

We are treated to a fun experiment with a sexy young stud named Sinclair in scene three where he is blind folded and lightly restrained for some intense sensory work. A hot daddy is on hand to take advantage of the vulnerable situation the young buck finds himself in and you can tell this is going to be one hell of a combo between these two very different but equally masculine men. After a light massage, Sinclair’s jock is quickly removed leaving both men completely naked. The older stud is there for one reason and that is to milk the load right out of this young man’s perfect cock. Using his expert cock sucking skills, Sinclair is worked up to a raging hard on in a matter of minutes and by the looks of daddy’s dick, he is loving every second sucking his curious buddies dick. There is so much more to enjoy with this hottie and the daddy pushes his legs back to get a good taste at that amazing ass. Remaining stoic in his expressions, the young man’s body gives away his secret of enjoying, most likely, what is his first rim job ever and the young buck starts pulling on his own cock while getting his hole tongue fucked. This of course works the younger man into a sexual frenzy and he can’t hold himself back any longer. Positioned so that his cock is lined up with the older man’s mouth, Sinclair, muscles rippling and sweaty, jacks his heavy load into the waiting mouth of the masculine older man which savors ever drop which causes the mature stud to shoot his own load on his hairy stomach. These guys couldn’t be better matched and are amazing to see in action.

Serviced 11 - Kirk

Serviced 11 – Kirk

My favorite type of porn out there is when you can see the chemistry between two men and in scene 9 of Serviced 11, we have the perfect example of that. Equally matched and both perfection, Aries and Trevor kick back and are ready to enjoy getting each other off. You can see that these two “Bros” are all about getting hard and beating off together and they are totally into each others hard cocks. Both are hung thick but Trevor may have the most perfect cock on the planet and it’s perfect in every way. The clothes quickly come off and hands start exploring each other which motivates Trevor to get a good taste of his buddy’s cock causing Aries get lost in the lustful sensations of his friends mouth wrapped around his cock. Aries just kicks back and watches Trevor goon out on his dick, totally getting off on a man sucking his hung cock. Aries isn’t going to be left out of the action and returns the favor and goes down on Trevor’s thick hard dick. Once Trevor is worked up to rock hard, they find it’s only fair for some 69 action so they both can enjoy sucking each other. Aries is getting into it more as his takes the opportunity to sit his perfectly round, smooth ass on Trevor’s face, enjoying the amazing sensations of having his hole rimmed and his tight balls nibbled on. Both guys are so into this rim job that Aries relaxes and let’s Trevor get in there deep where no tongue has ventured before. Now it’s Trevor’s turn to get his taint teased and balls worshipped by sexy Aries. But this proves too much to handle and Trevor tosses off right into the open mouth of Aries, shooting one of the hottest money shots out there. Rope after rope of cum shoots across Aries mouth and chest which he then sucks on his buddy’s dick to finish him off. Of course this takes Aries over the edge and he jacks himself off in a frenzy, blowing his load that mixes with Trevor’s on his rippled abs which Trevor gobbles up and feeds back to Aries in the perfect finish to an amazing combo.

Once again, Chaosmen brings it all to the table, treating us to the most amazing men, paired perfectly in every possible way. This is a small sample of the amazing sex Serviced 11 brings us and, you will agree, it is one hell of a good time watching these hunks enjoy the very essence of each other load by load.

Serviced 11 - Sinclair

Serviced 11 – Sinclair

Serviced 11 - Aries and Trevor

Serviced 11 – Aries and Trevor