Featured Movie: The 1000 Load Fuck

The 1000 Load Fuck“The 1000 Load Fuck” is the realization of one gay porn star’s fantasy to be filmed while getting pumped full of a thousand loads. For two years, Treasure Island Media collected the 1000 loads from 800 different men, keeping them frozen in a jar until they had enough. Ian Jay is the lucky recipient of more sperm than one human has ever taken in a single go!

This entire movie is well worth watching for its sheer wall to wall fucking. Horse-hung T.I.M. exclusive Jessy Karson gives you an excellent reason to start at the beginning as he fucks Ian with raw power in scene one. There are ten scenes in all. It’s the kind of movie you could put on in the background at a hot party, play for some erotic inspiration with a partner, or watch all on your own with cock in hand.

If you’d like to see the main event, then don’t miss scene three! Who wouldn’t want to see one hot young stud take a gallon of cum in his hungry hole? But first there’s a montage of a lot of different cumshots from “the harvest” that took place over two years. T.I.M. milked willing donors, collected the goo from whatever surface it landed on and added it all to the jar. When they had enough and called Ian, he was still eager to meet the challenge – and added that he’d also like a gangbang while he was at it. You’ve never seen anything like this scene. As you watch, you can almost smell the tangy, rich aroma of all that liquid protein. While the stored-up man milk is pumped into him with what looks like a floppy turkey baster, Ian takes on real, live cock as well. He bottoms for Paul Stag, Keer, Jessy Karson, Ray Dalton, T.I.M. exclusive Craig, and Tober Brandt. Then, after Ian is fucked like he has never been fucked before or will be again, worldwide felching champion and T.I.M. exclusive James Roscoe adds his load into the unbelievably huge mix and then licks Ian’s overflowing ass clean.

You will surely need to recover after watching such an epic fuck for the ages, but when you have the energy, there are still several scenes left to go, including an incredible flip-flop between Ian Jay and T.I.M. exclusives Brad McGuire and Dawson. A legendary pig in his own right, Dawson gets to be in top mode for a change. Things end on a real high note as Lito Cruz and T.I.M. exclusive Calvin hook up on top of a Jeep with bottom Ray Dalton.

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