Featured Star: Alex Mecum, giving us muscles and face

alex mecumOne of our favorite versatile performers, Alex Mecum is a well-hung stud with sensual lips and blue-green eyes that catch your attention before he’s naked. He has chiseled muscles and the good looks of Captain America, which is why he was the perfect choice to play the patriotic superhero in Men’s Captain America: A Gay XXX Parody. We have lusted for this Utah-born hunk ever since he brought his outstanding body and sexual skills to our screens in 2015.

Alex lived in New York when he got into porn but moved back to Utah for college after a couple of years. Not wanting to lose the excitement of his XXX big city life while living back in the Beehive State, he has continued to shoot scenes as his schedule permits.

Performing is as much of a turn-on for Alex as it is for those of us who are watching him. Before getting into the business, Alex used to get aroused while browsing a website about penis exercise and enlargement (not that he needed to get bigger, but we think most guys get curious). From there he started watching amateur videos of men cumming. Alex began to teach himself how to control his cumshots through exercises and edging, so that he could try and avoid the religious guilt he felt when he had orgasms. Think of all the jizz he had built up that way! Thanks to all that training, Alex can shoot some truly impressive cumshots and it’s one of his signature moves.

Cockyboys cast him in one of his early hit movies, Alex Has a Big Fat Dick. As the title star, he is obviously a standout in a movie full of great scenes with some of the hottest men in porn. Alex tops the sexy Colton Grey in the third scene.

One of Alex’s first times bottoming on camera can be seen in Cruise Me Use Me (Cockyboys), when Logan Moore cruises Alex in the woods and takes control of his ass.

For a more intimate and exciting experience that will take you beyond the usual scope of your viewing experience, get yourself a virtual reality headset and watch Dr. Mecum from VR Bangers. This virtual reality scene features Zander Cole and Alex as the doctor. If you had Alex as your physician, you’d burn through your deductible in no time, assuming you could even fit into his busy schedule. For those who still have a fetish for a uniform and a good bedside manner, you don’t even have to invest in VR equipment to see Alex in this fantasy—Jock Doc from Hot House Entertainment, directed by Chi Chi LaRue, sees sexy Skyy Knox paying a visit to Dr. Mecum.

In his personal life, Alex tends to be a top but he doesn’t like the stereotypes about masculine and feminine traits that are attributed to topping and bottoming. He thinks bottoming is a true skill, just as we do. We’ve seen his versatility as a performer and we can’t decide what we like more, so we’ve decided not to choose a favorite.

Here are some of our viewers’ favorite Alex Mecum movies.

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