Featured Star: Brenner Bolton

brenner bolton, gay, porn, dick, nakedEasygoing, athletic, and versatile Brenner Bolton is six feet tall and muscular, with a gorgeous uncut cock and a butt you want to pound. At the beginning of his career he went by the name of Dalton Pierce in a handful of scenes for Factory Video Productions, Skyn Men, and Dallas Reeves.

Brenner was 18 when he was first asked to do porn, but he hesitated. Once he realized that he was watching porn all the time anyway, he decided that he might as well star in it, too. His early scenes as Brenner Bolton appeared in Jacked from Falcon Edge with Ryan Rose and in Cockquest from Raging Stallion Studios with Derek Atlas. He’s also appeared in other Falcon titles, including the Tahoe series and Magnums.

As he has matured before our eyes, Brenner has gone from twunk to fully fledged muscle man. He Likes It Rough and Raw 2 from Bromo shows us a more aggressive, kinky side of Brenner and we love it. We sure would love to be Gage Unkut in this scene.

In Godfather (Men), a parody of the classic mob film of the same name, Brenner shows that he’s capable as an actor while also being one of our favorite versatile fuckers. His scene with star Rafael Alencar is a highlight of the movie.

Recently, Brenner appeared in a hot str8 bait scene with Casey Moore in Bareback Intrusion from Next Door Raw. Watch Brenner put the moves on his straight buddy and you’ll have a hard time containing yourself before the scene ends.

In his private life, Brenner is more of a top, likes getting rough, and definitely has a thing for blowjobs. When he was young, Brenner experimented with a couple of brothers who lived next door. They would suck each other’s cocks, but they didn’t go all the way to anal sex. Now that he’s older, he has a rule about getting to see and suck a guy’s cock on the first date. That way, if the guy’s dick doesn’t impress him, he’ll move on to the next guy. It sounds harsh, but Brenner plans to stay single, so at least that way he won’t break any hearts with some long-term relationship. Brenner is a Taurus who loves Florida, action movies, skiing, and indulging in pizza every now and then.

We have dozens of Brenner Bolton movies for you. Here are five to get you started with your new porn crush.

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