Featured Star: Daddy pig Dolf Dietrich

dolf dietrich, daddy, dilf, pig, leather, muscles, gay, pornAfter getting divorced from his husband in his 30s, the stud who would become porn star Dolf Dietrich took a new direction in life after moving to Provincetown, Massachusetts. He got surgery to correct the Sunken Chest Syndrome (Pectus Excavatum) that he was born with and worked hard to build seriously impressive muscles. You’d never suspect that there was ever a time when he didn’t have such a powerful physique! We admire his dedication and certainly appreciate the aesthetic results. This solid hunk of man meat stands 6’5″, with an eight-inch dick and a hole that won’t quit.

After becoming a webcam model and going to leather parties, he became the Dolf Dietrich we know and love. At 40 years old, Dolf was hotter than many of the younger pups coming up at the same time he joined the business. Dolf has a rough daddy sex appeal that brings him scores of new fans with each scene he does. By his own description, Dolf is friendly, handsome, nasty, and piggy.

Recently, Dolf moved back to New York City from P-Town. He’s been filming a lot of scenes and spending his precious little down time on dancing, stripping, and performing live shows from the USA to Europe.

In his first appearance for the legendary Treasure Island Media, Stick It Fuck It Breed It Leave It, Dolf takes a hard breeding from black stud Hot Rod. This raw pounding is unforgettable.

In Dolf Dietrich’s Breeding Party from Dick Wadd and The Load Masters, Drew Sebastian helped him celebrate his 40th birthday by setting up a sling party. Dolf gets fucked hard and then pumped full of man cream. We don’t know about you, but we have a feeling that nobody would mind turning 40 if they could celebrate it with a party like this!

No matter if he’s fucking or getting fucked, Dolf Dietrich is a powerful presence and we can’t get enough of him!

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