Featured Star Denis Reed

“Chameleon” is one of the first words we think of to describe European twink-turned-twunk Denis Reed. Born in Prague, Czech Republic in 1986, Denis has worked under a variety of names: Pavel Matous, Sven Capsson, Jos Elios, Janny Husek, Jan Vector, Paul Rasscal, Jan Velicka, and Ian Voight. Denis has also been known to change his appearance, even going from blonde to raven black. We first got to know this Czech delight as a twink, but these days his body is starting to ripple with muscles. At age 25, Denis is maturing into a different kind of hottie but can still be seen in twink roles. No matter which of his many looks you prefer, one thing that always stays constant is his insatiable appetite for sex.


With just over 150 movies available to watch on demand, Denis can boast of a successful career that includes work with such top studios as Falcon and Raw, but it’s William Higgins who is most commonly credited with plucking him from obscurity. In 2005, Higgins cast Denis in Airport Security, a steamy fantasy of surly goons frisking and probing hapless travelers.


“Versatile” is the next word for Denis that comes to mind. This hottie’s sexual flexibility is perfectly demonstrated in his willingness to do a threeway with a guy and girl in movies such as Bisexual Barebacking 8. When he’s fucking men, Denis is equally comfortable topping and bottoming. Hmm, we can’t help wondering if he’s as sexually adaptable off the set as he is onscreen. Higgins once told a tale of Denis hitting on one of the film crew on the set of Inside Jirka Gregor – with his girlfriend waiting out in the hallway!


On that note, another word we’d use to describe Denis is “voracious.” His appetite for sex includes bareback sex, hot and raw gangbangs, and safe-sex fucking with muscular studs. This carnal hunger is perfectly demonstrated in one of our favorite recent performances from Denis, the opening of Raw’s The Silence of the Twinks 2. It’s a rough scene full of fisting, gaping, face-fucking, and ass-to-mouth action!


After starting out as a nude model, Denis soon discovered that he could make a lot more as an onscreen performer. His ability to shoot multiple times in a short period quickly made him very popular with casting agents, as did his enthusiasm and his good-natured personality.


In his spare time, Denis admits to smoking a lot of pot and jerking off at least three times a day. He enjoys traveling and lists California as one of his favorite vacation spots. There’s no question California loves him just as much, because Denis has to be one of Europe’s hottest exports in years.



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