Featured Star: Hot, versatile Black stud Parker Payne

Watch Parker Payne movies on AEBN adult VODWith just over half a dozen movies available in our AEBN VOD Theater, Parker Payne is a performer on the rise. This handsome, athletic Black stud brings the sauce, and it’s definitely the extra spicy kind.

Parker is a native of Asheboro, North Carolina, born on February 12th, 1996. He was 22 when he made his debut in scenes for Fuck Champ Robinson, Dark Alley Media, Maverick Men, and more. With his hot body and big dick, he’s a natural for porn.

Among his earliest movies, one standout is “Blak Panther: Wakan Dat Ass” from Fuck Champ Robinson (directed by and starring Champ). As the title character, Champ fucks his way through his servants, allies, and enemies.  Parker looks especially fine in his green suit, not that he leaves it on for long before the Blak Panther pounds his ass.

In 2019, Parker caught the attention of even more top studios. He has an interracial scene fucking Brazilian blond twunk Alam Wernik in “Rags to Riches” (NakedSword Originals, directed by Mr. Pam). Both Parker and Alam are at their hottest!

For sheer dirty deliciousness, we also enthusiastically recommend “Interracial Dungeon” (Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club, directed by I Que Grande). If you’ve seen any RFC flicks before, and we hope you have, then you know you’re in for some deep, gritty, totally fucking debauched bareback fucking.

Parker is also featured in “Grudge Fucks” (Noir Male, directed by Chi Chi LaRue), a sensual IR flick that emphasizes sensuality and antagonistic passion. When Parker gets home from work, he catches the pool boy, Nick Fitt, in his bedroom playing with his large dildo. Nick finds out just how kinky his dark and delicious employer can be!

AEBN’s adult VOD theater has all of Parker Payne’s most cum-tastic flicks for you!

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