Featured Star: Johnny Hazzard

Johnny HazzardSome men have been blessed with good looks and they keep a good, sculpted body by working out all the time, while others have that as well as a lot more going on. Dark-haired, dark-eyed stud Johnny Hazzard is in the latter category. Johnny isn’t just a gorgeous model and a versatile porn star, but he’s also a recording artist and writes music reviews for Frontiers magazine.

Johnny grew up in Cleveland, Ohio as a quiet guy hiding his heart of gold behind a reserved, rebellious exterior. He was a late bloomer and it wasn’t until 2003 that he realized his good looks could take him places in the adult industry. Thanks to a contact he already had in the business, Johnny quickly got in touch with porn legend Chi Chi LaRue. Chi Chi could see Johnny’s great potential and even put him on the cover of his first movie, a rarity for all but the best and sexiest men. Johnny became the face of Rascal Video, Chi Chi’s studio.

Chi Chi hired fashion photographer Greg Thompson to capture the Rascal men’s sheer physical beauty in portraits, and the result was two coffee table books that put Johnny’s face out there to far more than just the gay porn audience. When Johnny and pop icon Boy George met in a NYC club in 2004, Boy George asked Johnny to be in his B-Rude fashion show and added another dimension to his growing career. Under his birth name, Frankie Valenti, Johnny joined the cast of the here! original television series The Lair in season two.

Johnny’s first major award was for Best Group Scene at the 2005 GayVN Awards, and if you’ve seen “Bolt” you understand why it won! The next year he won three GayVNs (Best Actor; Best Sex Scene, Duo; and Best Solo Performance) and a Grabby (Best Three-Way Sex Scene) for his remarkable performances in “Wrong Side of the Tracks” and its sequel. Among Johnny’s most-watched performances is an all-male scene in Chi Chi’s somewhat controversial bisexual film “Shifting Gears”.

Warm and friendly in person, Johnny is a caring guy whom Chi Chi once called a “little gay porn hippie.” When his body isn’t actually being worshiped, he’s treating it like a temple. Johnny’s lust for life is as strong and deep as his lust for flesh, and his life revolves around his passions for music, food, dance, and other sensual pleasures.

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