Featured Star: Kaden Saylor

Kaden SaylorFollowing his 2008 breakout performance in Dirty Bird Pictures’ Bourne Identity parody “The Porne Ultimatum,” it seemed as though nobody in the industry or in the gay porn fandom could get enough of the ass-loving, muscular top known as Kaden Saylor. In his first big starring role, Kaden played Chason Porne and not only took on naughty super-twink Brent Corrigan, but he also conquered power bottom Mason Wyler. A year later, Kaden followed that impressive performance with a sequel, “The Porne Identity.” Today, Kaden is still as hot as ever.

Before starring in the Porne flicks Kaden had shot exclusively for Active Duty, an amateur military site owned by Dirty Bird Pictures. Active Duty and its head director, Dink Flamingo, discovered and introduced Kaden in “An American Sailor” back in 2007. It took time (and a bit of coaxing, we imagine) to convince Kaden to bottom, but when he did it was stunning. In “The Surge 2,” produced in 2008, Kaden gave fans what they had been waiting for when he opened up his asshole for the first time!

Kaden has remained true to his “man in uniform” roots and we’re all excited about his latest project, an Active Duty series called Kaden’s Recruits. In these movies, Kaden gets to direct, which also means he picks the talent and tells them just how he likes having his cock serviced! He also gets to pull rank sometimes and take over when there is a new recruit he wants to fuck instead of watching from behind the camera. It’s good to be the top-ranking man in the room, right Kaden?

With everyone going crazy over the sailor with the killer body and mesmerizing blue eyes, there’s no telling who he will be paired with next. But new fans of Kaden can rest assured knowing this talented young performer has a very long career ahead of him.

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