Featured star: Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Dylan James

dylan james, lucas entertainment exclusive, tattoos, ink, muscles, versatileTattooed and well-hung Dylan James is a Lucas Entertainment Exclusive who fully embraced his attraction to men later in life than many guys do. Now he seems to be making up for lost time with truly versatile performances.

Dylan started performing in 2013 and was quickly signed to his Lucas contract. Those blue-eyed, dimpled-chinned good looks, those muscles, and that nine-inch dick are just the start of his appeal, because there’s something friendly and charming about Dylan that emanates through the screen. As for all of Dylan’s exquisite, intricate tattoos, they seem to be a part of him, ornamenting his masculine beauty. If you’ve got a thing for tattoos on beautiful men, then you’ve got to check out Dylan’s volcanic flip-fucking scene with superstar Adam Killian in Ink, Sweat, Cum. They could probably just skip the gym this day, because the way they fuck is a real workout.

In 2015, Australian star Michael Lachlan made a return to Lucas Entertainment in Michael Lachlan: Raw Aussie Stud, giving him the chance to meet his match in Dylan. The two gorgeous men are a vision of pure sex as they take turns fucking each other.

We love a good sexy vampire flick, so we heartily recommend Barebacula. Damon Heart is the cum-thirsty title character and Dylan is one of his servants. Just a little Dylan isn’t enough, so we get to ogle him in two sensual scenes. First he and his fellow servant Alex Kof get it on while Barebackula watches, which turns the cum-sucking master on to the point that he’s got to have Dylan all to himself.

Recently we featured Ass Fucking Alpha Males as our movie of the week. If you haven’t already enjoyed the spectacle of Dylan teaming up on Bogdan Gromov with James Castle, don’t deprive yourself. It’s a super-hot threeway!

When Brandon Wilde made his bareback debut, Lucas chose Dylan to induct him into the ranks of raw performers. Their scene together in Gentlemen 17: Oral Office is the stunning result. If you’re more into the blue collar kind of man, and especially if you’re into orgies, then you’re going to have a great time with Good Service, featuring a hot-tub fuck party with Dylan, Asher Devin, Drae Axtell, Stas Landon, Koda Gold, Andrey Vic, and Alejandro Castillo.

When he’s on camera and when he’s off the clock, Dylan loves being outside in SoCal’s year-round warm, sunny weather. He’s a hard-working performer who also spends hours at the gym honing his hot body, so he spends most of his precious free time sleeping. Dylan is a Libra, born on October 13.

Here are a few Dylan James movies to pique your interest in this stunning, versatile stud.

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