Featured Star: Mason Wyler

Mason WylerMason Wyler has been one of the hardest working performers in the industry since 2006, and a favorite at companies from Next Door Male all the way to Falcon Studios. A truly versatile performer, his all-American good looks resemble that of mainstream film actor Ryan Gosling.

That Hollywood sex appeal as well as his huge uncut cock and wide range have helped Mason become a star in everything from fetish films like Hot House Entertainment‘s “Black” to the more mainstream Falcon features “Dare” and “Spokes 3,” where his leading character appeared in an all-cast orgy that had him taking a load from everyone in the cast. This kind of uninhibited group fuck became a specialty for Mason, judging by his performances in “The Dark Side” from extreme porn studio Dark Alley Media and the internationally flavoured “Orgy Boys” from Eurocreme. Mason also starred in his own series, Mason Wyler Welcome to My World, for Next Door Male.

As Mason turned his skills into a major Internet sensation on popular sites like Active Duty, English Lads and Chaos Men, his shooting schedule took him all over the world. He has still found time for a life outside of performing. There is no question that Mason Wyler created quite a buzz for himself, with his performances as well as his off-camera love of attention and a piggy lifestyle. He remained enormously popular even as controversy and gossip about his private life began to spread. But at the end of June 2011, he announced that the Mason Wyler persona was effectively “dead” and that he would no longer be performing. For those who hold out hope that he may return someday, who knows? Maybe a comeback is still in store for this versatile young stud!

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