Featured star: muscle daddy Max Sargent

max sargent, gay, porn, daddy, muscle, dilf, topMax Sargent is a mature muscle daddy who has become one of our favorite porn crushes ever since we first saw him last year in Pride Studios’ Age and Wisdom: Men Teaching Boys. As a hot professor mentoring college boy Toby Springs, he made us fall deeply in lust. We loved watching him top that tight young ass!

Recently Max has become a favorite performer in Iconmale’s dramatic porn features. The first two were Hot Daddies and Cheaters, both of which were released in January of this year. Max’s quiet intensity in these movies is a perfect fit for the studio’s emotionally complex plots, and his physical beauty is of course excellent as always. His most recent movie for Iconmale is Authority Figures, which gives him another chance to shine as an acting coach who’s trying to work with flighty and unprepared soap star Armond Rizzo, who’s trying to prepare for a more serious movie role. Armond is gorgeous and loves to take a pounding in the ass, and his chemistry with Max is explosive.

Currently, Max’s most popular movie is Dragon Media’s Joe Gage Sex Files 19: It’s a Job. It’s easy to see why his scene with Leo Sweetwood is such a hit with viewers. Max is a father figure to young Leo, but there’s an undeniable attraction beneath the surface. The two of them strip off their clothes and Max delivers a deep, powerful fuck that leaves Leo drained and breathless!

Outside of his porn career, Max enjoys the cities of Washington, D.C. and New Orleans, movies (his favorite is the classic 1992 documentary Baraka), and “moderation in moderation.” He likes playfully obedient guys and sincere, honest people in his life. As a Leo, he’s loyal and has a gracefully powerful way of carrying himself.

These and other Max Sargent movies are streaming now in our VOD theater.

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